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Zrythm 1.0.0 Alpha 26.0.1 (Demo)

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A cross-platform digital audio workstation with support for multi-backend, automation and audio plugins that can enrich its functionality

Zrythm is a cross-platform digital audio workstation that comes with a plethora of tools ready to help you compose your own music. Providing automation capabilities and support for audio plugins, this application promises to let you unleash your creativity in an organized working environment.

Mixing and modulation 

After a smooth setup process, Zrythm is ready to go. While the interface might seem familiar to those in the music creation industry, many might find it a bit overwhelming. There are several panels to work with, each with its own function, as it usually happens with audio mixing and modulation tools.

Zrythm enables you to start a new project in an instant. The timeline is there to help you view and easily modify the structure by adding new songs or audio pieces and overlapping tracks, if necessary. There is an integrated editor, as well as a mixer and a series of modulators that can work together to help you obtain sounds that are pleasant to the ear. Moreover, Zrythm features multi-backend support for JACK transport, CoreMidi, CoreAudio, WASAPI, and more. The capabilities of Zrythm can be extended thanks to its support for audio plugins.

Mastering and automation 

The application also comes with mastering features. You can place faders to get interesting effects, or go in solo mode. Silence pieces can also be inserted into your project to allow building up enthusiasm inside the track. Zrythm is also equipped with a chord pad, which allows you to test chords in a scale, giving you a helping hand with chord progression.

But one of the most important features of Zrythm is related to its automation options. Once you get accustomed to the GUI and the intricate layout, you can experiment with various automation events designed to make your life easier and your user experience more enjoyable. Zrythm allows you to use straight lines, different ramps and curves or envelopes and LFOs.

Automation-based audio workstation 

Zrythm is a specialized tool fit for music composers or enthusiasts, which might find it easier to get around a somewhat complicated user-interface. With support for audio plugins and chord assistance, this software utility enables you to automate tasks that would otherwise take longer to carry out.

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