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Zoom Plugin for Skype for Business (Freeware)

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A simple plugin for Skype for Business that enables you to start a new Zoom meeting without a lot of hassle, from your contact list

Skype for Business is one of the most popular video conferencing and chat tools, but so is Zoom. Bot have their advantages and are widely used in the business environment.

Probably that is the reason why the developers of Zoom created a dedicated plugin for Skype for Business, which allows you to start a new Zoom meeting directly from the main window of Skype for Business.  Previously known as Zoom Plugin for Lync, this plugin allows you to start Zoom Client for Meetings immediately and initiate a new meeting, all without having to switch applications or start new ones.

Once installed, the plugin adds new entries in the right-click menu of Skyoe for Business. Thus, you will be able to start a new Zoom meeting without a lot of hassle. Please keep in mind that Slype for Business requires a restart to display the changes.

One plus is that you get to easily invite contacts to the Zoom meeting directly from Skype. Conveniently, with this plugin, you can use the two aforementioned clip simultaneously and switch between them whenever necessary.

The Zoom Plugin for Skype for Business is a good solution for those who enjoy taking advantage of Skype’s unique feature set, but prefer Zoom Client for Meetings when it comes to video congferencing.

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