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Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook (Freeware)

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Enjoy scheduling Zoom meetings or start sending private messages via Zoom directly from Microsoft Outlook thanks to this simple plugin

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing and collaboration platform out there, with thousands of users from all around the world on all desktop and mobile platforms. Aiming to find integration solutions for business applications as well, the developers of Zoom released the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, a simple tweak to help you schedule or start a new Zoom meeting directly from Outlook’s main window.

Adds Zoom-related buttons in Outlook  

Deploying the add-in is a matter of pressing a few “Next” buttons. Once the installation is complete, you must restart Outlook for the changes to take effect. Then, new buttons should be displayed in Outlook’s main toolbar, which allows you to conveniently access Zoom. Not only that you can easily start or schedule a new Zoom meeting, but you can also transform existing meeting events into Zoom meetings. Personal Audio Conferences can also be scheduled, provided the feature is enabled in the web portal.

Please note that various versions of Outlook might not provide support for scheduling a meeting to starting a meeting instantly. Should these options be missing from Outlook’s toolbar, create a new calendar event or appointment first.

When scheduling a meeting via the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, you must take the time to configure the meeting details, just like you would in the regular Zoom client. You can have Zoom generate the meeting ID or create personal IDs for each participant, set the access password, configure video sharing requests, the audio options and a few other settings.

Turn Outlook calendar events into Zoom meetings 

Events you have in your personal Outlook calendar can be easily turned into Zoom meetings. You just have to open the event in Outlook and choose to schedule a Zoom meeting, which fills in the invitation with all the necessary details.

For those who use Microsoft Outlook on a regular basis but enjoy the amazing feature set hat Zoom has to offer, this plugin is perfect. It seamlessly integrated with Outlook and facilitates scheduling or starting a new meeting,

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