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Just an offline zombie shooting game, but Zombeast MOD APK has a strange attraction in its creative gameplay and a rather creepy character creation.

Introduce about Zombeast 

Shooting zombies offline is never so interesting!

Shoot zombies offline but fun no less than any online game

In Zombeast as well as other zombie shooting games, whether online or offline, you have a single mission that is to shoot and destroy as many zombies as possible. In this game, you will be offline alone shooting zombies in the ruined world after a pandemic. “Fight like never before and kill zombies like this is your last chance.”, that’s my attitude when entering this fierce game.

The beauty of Zombeast is that although for playing offline, the speed and agility of this first-person shooter are extremely accurate. Zombies are very smart and productive. Right from the early stages, the challenge has appeared, and you have the opportunity to encounter cunning zombies that can appear from anywhere on the screen. Not the kind of slow speed like in the Walking Dead series you see, zombies here are so agile and have lots of ways to kill gamers. This move is really unexpected in an offline zombie game.

The second point that will surprise you is the horror sound and image of Zombeast. They are crazy, and violent from gestures to shapes. There are many types of zombies in the game, each one has its own style, the shape is not too bloody, but the face is very scary, and the walking style is quite dramatic. And the creepy background music and the dreary dilapidated background even make up a menacing zombie world. And so, even if you’re playing offline, you can’t fully measure the goosebumps it brings.

Game mode

The game has two game modes suitable for even newbies: Campaign and Mini Goals. Each mode has many small missions from easy to difficult. The deeper you go into the game, in addition to feeling the horror of the zombies, you can experience many unique modern weapons. They can be pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, rifles, explosives, tanks, and super-unique weapons like a robot hand that kills zombies in the blink of an eye.

The secret to victory is that in addition to understanding and making good use of each weapon, along with good defense observation, you also need to learn about zombies as quickly as possible. Each type of zombie will have different abilities: zombies that have long jumps, fast movement, zombies that only die by many bullets, giant zombies, zombies that can use weapons… Anything can happen. Only when you are aware of the weaknesses of each type of zombie can you defeat them quickly.

In addition, Zombeast also has Endless Run mode. The longer you play in this mode, the more you perfect your fighting skills to destroy more and more zombie hordes. Taking advantage of the terrain will give you many advantages when shooting zombies.

The points I don’t like

Although Zombeast has made great efforts in providing a dramatic and complete offline zombie shooting experience, there are some downsides of the offline game that cannot be avoided. Like you do not have many opportunities to interact physically with the environment, but in return, you will always be busy with a lot of zombie targets of different genres.

Or for weapons, there are many weapons, but ammo is limited. You can only passively wait for bullets to drop after each level ends. It’s quite unfair, especially in levels with too many zombies, but players don’t have the opportunity to loot for themselves.

Each type of zombie will also have a different attack ability that drains the player’s HP at different levels. This makes sense, but sometimes it happens too quickly, especially for new players who have not yet realized the weakness of the zombie in front of them.

MOD APK version of Zombeast

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can buy items even you don’t have money or gems.

Download Zombeast APK & MOD for Android

This offline zombie shooting game has a lot to explore and challenge yourself. If you want to find an endless source of fun when playing offline FPS at home, then here, Zombeast is for you. 

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