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ZNxPMp Server (Freeware)

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A straightforward web server that comes with support for Nginx, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and Xdebug, completely configured and ready to go

ZNxPMp Server is a portable and straightforward web server designed to provide PHP and web developers with a ready-to-go server distribution. With its help, users can easily simulate running MySQL, PHP and other modules useful in website creation and maintenance.

Web-based control dashboard 

Following a straightforward setup process, the ZNxPMp Server is up, running and ready to use in no time. There is not much you need to do, as the server’s components are completely configured. To put it another way, unlike similar applications, this one only requires you to install it, without having to go through a complex set of configuration settings or files. In fact, all the modules are ready to use in an instant.  Double-clicking on the main executable opens up the web-based interface in the default web browser, where all the modules run on localhost. There is no need to login to the server.

The web-based GUI includes one-click access to all the available modules. The services don’t need to be started manually, as it is the case with other similar tools. On the other hand, advanced users might feel like they are not in control due to the impossibility to administer and configure the services manually.

A web server with extra services 

If you are a web developer, then you will be happy to know that the phpMyAdmin environment can be accessed via the ZNxPMp Server. You get instant access to the phpMyAdmin web dashboard, exactly as you know it. Here, you can vieww, manage and access databases, open MySQL, manage user accounts, variables, charsets, and so on.

With the click of a button, you can also start or stop the MySQL service, right from the main screen. On the other hand, the Nginx service is automatically running once you launch the server.

With a web server such as ZNxPMp Server, you can easily test dynamic web pages without even having to access the Internet. It is a combination of widely-used services and modules, such as Nginx, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, PHP and Xdebug, which comes in handy for site or CMS administration. 

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