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Yukino 1.0.5 Beta 0 (MIT License)

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Find your favorite anime and manga readings and series and learn more about the characters or actors playing them via this straightforward app

What's new in Yukino 1.0.5 Beta 0:

Features: 3474ef Preload adjacent pages on manga page reader Changes:

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Yukino is a simple and straightforward utility that enables you to read and stream your favorite anime and manga series from multiple sources. According to the developer, the content displayed in the app is acquired from third-party sources with whom he has no affiliation with.

Displays content in different categories in the Home tab

The setup is a quick and uneventful process that does not require any special attention on your part. Upon launch, you are welcome by a well-organized interface and can begin browsing for series or movies right away. The Home tab shows all available series, but you can also narrow the search by accessing the categories there, namely Airing, Upcoming, TV or OVA, to name a few.

You will be happy to learn that the tool displays each title with numerous details, starting with a general score, rank and popularity. At the same time, it includes a summary of the anime and other valuable information, such as type, status, season, number of episodes, duration, rating, genre and the year in which it premiered.

Moreover, the application includes details about all characters and the actors playing them. A simple click on either the character or actor enables you to learn more about them via a page opened in your default browser. On a side note, you can select the source from the Settings menu.

A handy utility for finding and viewing or reading your favorite anime/manga

It is worth mentioning that the app includes a Search tab where you can find a particular title not present in the main window. Once you type in the name, you can select any of the available sources to find it, namely FanFox, SimplyMoe, TenshiMoe, 4Anime, MangaDex, so on and so forth.

Regardless of whether you want to learn all the details about your favorite anime or manga series or want to find a new series in the genre, then perhaps you can consider giving Yukino a try.

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