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XWordGiver 4.7.8 (MIT License)

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A handy application for creating customizable crossword puzzles that you can later export to images and share them with your friends

What's new in XWordGiver 4.7.8:

Dramatically improved the quality of the English dictionary. Improved English dialogs. Added more block patterns. Added "Reload &Dict List" menu item.

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Solving crossword puzzles is a very popular hobby and if you are truly passionate about this activity, you can go one step further and experiment with creating your own puzzles, using specialized apps like XWordGiver.

User-friendly GUI

The main window of the utility is neatly organized and looks quite polished, so you can focus on your puzzles rather than waste time trying to locate features or buttons. Additionally, buttons come with brief explanations whenever you hover the mouse cursor over them.

When you want to generate a new crossword, you need to specify its size, i.e. the number of cells and rows that should be included. You also get the possibility to explore the list of block patterns and choose the one that matches your idea. However, you need to keep in mind that if you are interested in a large puzzle, it might take some time until it is generated, so patience is of the essence.

Supports several input methods

Depending on your preferences, you can select one of the several input types provided by XWordGiver: Kana, Alphabet, Kanji, Cyrillic or Digit.

You can switch between horizontal and vertical input, while also specifying the dictionary that you need.

Crosswords can be saved as images

Once you are fully satisfied with the way your crossword looks like, you can either print it or you can export it to an image file that can be shared with other puzzle enthusiasts. Not only can you save it as BMP or EMF, but you can choose if you want to export the empty crossword or the one with the solution.


All in all, XWordGiver can help you generate numerous puzzles without too much effort on your side, as you only need to select its size. Furthermore, as soon as you learn its default hotkeys, you can speed up the entire process even more.

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