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WowUp 2.4.7 / 2.5.0 Beta 21 (GPLv3)

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Effortlessly manage all your World of Warcraft add-ons from popular sources by relying on this new all-in-one add-on updater developed that supports Curse, WowInterface, TukUI, and GitHub

For all you World of Warcraft fanatics out there: we're sure you already know about the hand off of Curseforge (arguably WoW's most popular add-on repository) from Twitch to Overwolf.

While we're not here to comment on the move itself or Overwolf's reputation (cough!), we would just like to present to you WoWUp, the latest World of Warcraft updater tool.

What's the deal with WowUp?

In short, it's a new tool that allows you to manage all your WoW add-ons across your clients from all the popular sources such as Curse, WowInterface, TukUI, and even GitHub.

It includes support for all Word of Warcraft clients and it allows you to manually include or select any folder of your desire. It also includes support for Retail, Classic, PTRs, and even Beta.

Basic GUI presentation and installation details

The app is as straightforward as they come. To make use of it, however, you'll have to ensure that you have one World of Warcraft client installed. P.S. You'll also need to ensure that your Battle.net App is up to date, just to be on the safe side.

There are three main, self-explanatory GUI sections: My Addons, Get Addons, and Options. At this point, it's pretty obvious that the app offers a pretty solid way of both managing your favorite add-ons and effortlessly discovering new ones that might appeal to you.

Your existing add-ons will be displayed in the first section, and you can filter them by name. You can manually update individual add-ons, select multiple add-ons at once (by holding Shift and clicking them), or you can update all of them with a press of a button.

You can get new add-ons from the Get Addons section, and even install them from URL (manually). Please note that not all GitHub repositories will work with this import process, but it's well worth a try.

The Options section

The app makes a good effort towards offering you as many configuration options as possible. From the Options section, you can control all of your individual World of Warcraft clients and various app settings.

For example, you can press Rescan if you want to run the automatic process for detecting installed WoW clients. You can also select the path, the default add-on channel, and even set up the app to automatically install new add-ons.

Regarding the app itself, you can enable system notifications, enable hardware acceleration (if available), launch the app at system start, and launch the app minimized.


WoWUp seems a very promising product that should appeal to most WoW enthusiasts out there. At the time of the writing, the app only supports Windows, but please note that macOS and Linux versions are expected to come shortly.

It's worth noting that this is still a new project, so you should expect various changes and improvements in the following period. These changes include the option to create a feature list, the option to scan for already installed add-ons, automatic update for add-ons that were scanned, the option to ignore add-ons, and improved search.

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