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Wordpad UWP (MIT License)

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This UWP version of Wordpad provides you with plenty of options to add and edit your text, all in a very modern-looking interface

Finding the right text editor can be a bit of a hassle, especially with so many options around. A good editor should provide all of the basic functions, such as italicizing and bolding your text, while incorporating them into a cohesive, modern, and intuitive interface.

Regarding that, Wordpad UWP looks like a very promising choice: it's a capable Word alternative, sporting a modern design along with all the functionality you would expect from such a program.


The design here is a nice-looking one. It should be noted that the program adapts to whether your system is in light or dark mode. The interface is pretty intuitive and easy to navigate, and operating such an app feels very familiar.

Upon typing in the text field, you will be able to bold, italicize, and underscore what you feel is important. The option to cross out text via strikethrough is also available to you. You can also align it to a certain part of the page.

All such options are to be found in the top bar, which also houses additional functionalities. Through it, we managed to add an image to our liking, and then introduced a hyperlink to the text we'd typed just below it.

About installing

Installing this is a bit different. You will have to run the Install.ps1 file with Powershell, which will prompt you to enable the Developer Mode in Windows. Upon doing so, you can freely launch the app.

This happens because of this software's certificate, but should be remedied once it hits Microsoft Store in the later updates.

Wordpad UWP is a straightforward program to use: once you install it, you'll know what to do and how to do it. It's easy to pick up, and jotting your thoughts down is nicer with such a smooth and modern design.

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