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Wordington: Words & Design

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Updated on October 12, 2022

Mobile games are made to entertain and relieve the mind after a long day working. Play Wordington: Words & Design MOD APK now to get that “pure” entertainment by interior design, space decoration, and small crossword puzzles.

Introduce about Wordington: Words & Design

Therapy for the heart

Enjoy crossword puzzle with fun interior decoration

Wordington: Words & Design is a crossword puzzle game combined with story interaction. The gameplay is simply following the episode, performing the given tasks, and winning the crosswords to get the necessary items for the mission. The story is good, so it’s fun to play. To the crossword section, touch the screen to connect a line through the letters in the correct order to create a meaningful word. Whenever it is too difficult to think, spend a small number of coins to ask the game to give suggestions. In-game coins are earned by watching ads or buying packages in the game store.

Every time you complete the crossword, you will be given stars. Use stars to buy some pretty decorations for the house and get whatever items you need for every event in the game.

Shelter for a broken heart

A young girl named Emma had just experienced the big shock of her life: catching her boyfriend cheating on her. Not to drown herself in sadness, Emma decided to do something to change her life, find happiness and faith for herself. She decided to move to her grandparents’ old house. This place had been abandoned for a while, so it was different from the peaceful memories Emma had with her grandparents. Entering and looking at this messy house, Emma planned to clean, remodel this place, and turn it into a beautiful world, a place full of her nature.

To do this, step by step, Emma will need a lot of tools, items, interior and exterior decorations for the house. In order to get them, Emma needs to solve a series of crosswords to earn stars, exchange stars for objects. Our little girl will slowly clean, change the floor, repaint the walls, arrange, and buy more decorative items. The house is no longer deserted and chaotic, but gradually comes into order, clean and pure. Focusing on what’s going on and seeing the results will heal Emma’s broken heart.

Wordington Words Design for Android
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A cup of Detox for the soul

The storyline also stimulates your curiosity. Grandpa, before passing away, left Emma some mysteries and valuable items somewhere in this large house. Finding them and reading his testament will help you realize that true love always comes from family. And no matter how hurt you are, family is always a place to return.

As you progress to higher levels of the crossword, the game opens a bunch of new chapters and areas in the house. Every corner needs your skillful hands to renovate and change the look. It must be said that it has been a long time, when temporarily away from the intense role-playing screen, there is a gentle game that pulls my emotions so much. Sometimes empathy and gentleness are the keys to purifying the soul.

At this point, I must also add that for anyone who has artistic ability about decoration, Wordington: Words & Design is a paradise. Alone in a large house, have the right to do whatever you want, get whatever you need just by solving the crossword. There is no other opportunity to let your passion soar more. I’m not a huge fan of interior decoration, but I like the beauty. And I think anyone who likes beauty will love this game.

To reinforce the belief in beauty, Wordington: Words & Design also shows a cast with many funny side characters: Pizza David, Handyman Bob, Max dog and some other cute neighbors. In addition to having a new home, making more friends, enjoying the pleasure of decorating house, Emma will also have a romantic love story with David. What a happy life that everyone wants to get.

MOD APK version of Wordington: Words & Design

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Hints

Download Wordington: Words & Design MOD APK for Android

The story is easy to understand and quite adorrable. The character is a little bit silly but kind and cute. Crossword puzzles are also easy. Interior decoration and some details to find extra items are my favorite. What about you?

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