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Wisej 2.5.19 (Trial)

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Develop highly scalable and responsive web applications suitable for a wide variety of industries and using a rich set of features with this app

What's new in Wisej 2.5.19:

Bugs: Changes are not reflected in the calendar when editing the Date on a DateTimePicker Control.ShowLoader = true doesn't work when used in the Load event at creation. Using SelectionDelay for the Keyboard in a DataGridView can lead to sync problems when also clicking the mouse button.

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Wisej is a lightweight and easy to use program that enables you to build complex web applications directly in Visual Studio VB.NET or C# using a rich library of components that you previously designed or download from third-party services.

Build, debug, manage and deploy from the same location

The application comes with a sleek and intuitive interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles. The GUI consists of two sections, one where you can find the resources you need to create the web app and another where you can preview your progress, check its appearance in the browser, browse through the images used and edit the code.

What makes the tool stand out in the crowd is the fact that it is not designed as a general purpose tool for websites and web pages. In fact, the program is a specialized framework and, since all the resources are readily available, you can focus on the actual project and less about other issues, like the backend services, ajax panels, DOM, CSS, JavaScript, authentication, so on and so forth.

The tool brings all controls at your fingertips

According to the developer the tool is designed to integrate most third-party widgets that the client side may need to simplify or make the workflow more efficient. Moreover, it can manage the loading, optimizing, initializing, routing and styling these widgets.

A noteworthy feature is that you, as a developer, can use all necessary controls that are out of the box and include a wide array of editors, containers, extenders. Charts, buttons, grids, menus, tools and notifications. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the application developed using this framework are scalable and ready to be deployed on the local server, cloud and embedded environments.

All in all, Wisej is an intuitive application that packs a rich set of features and that can help you design highly scalable and responsible web apps for a wide variety of industries and projects.

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