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WireGuard 0.5.1 (MIT License)

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A VPN application for Windows ready to secure your browsing, relying on complex cryptography algorithms to ensure data encryption

WireGuard provides an open-source VPN solution for all major platforms that makes use of cryptography algorithms to deliver a fast, efficient and simple way to protect your online activity. With its help, you can reroute your traffic through several VPN tunnels with little compromise on connection speed.  The purpose of WireGuard is to provide a versatile and extremely easy to use VPN application for both experts and regular users, with options to allow quick security-related auditing. Thanks to the extensive log book, detecting potential vulnerabilities is easier.

Manage and create VPN tunnels with ease 

Once installed, WireGuard works in the system tray, allowing you to control it via the right-click menu. This pop-up menu displays its current status (active or inactive) and makes it possible to quickly select between tunnels. Managing the tunnels is easily made via a user-friendly tab-based interface that reveals the public key and the listening port for each.

Adding a new tunnel to the list is extremely easy. The public-private key combination is automatically generated so all that is left for you to do is enter a suggestive name for the tunnel. Conveniently for you, there is no need to manage connections and monitor their state, or worry about how everything works. Simply put, you get to create VPN tunnel sequences of your own, each with its pair of keys.

State-of-the-art cryptography protocols used behind the scenes 

WireGuard comes with a basic interface, with no extra options and little to configure. While you don’t have to worry about it, there is much going on under the hood as packet exchange is carried out throughout the VPN tunnels.

The tunnel IP addresses are associated with public keys and remote endpoints. In other words, WireGuard relies on cryptokey routing to provide data privacy and packet authenticity. The application features roaming between IP addresses and delivers secure encrypted data transfers.

A crypto-based secure and simple VPN solution  

The simplicity of WireGuard is what makes it stand out from the crowd. It is a VPN solution different than most, which avoids overwhelming code auditing tasks to spot vulnerabilities. To make sure you take advantage of its full potential, you can take a glance at the Quick Start Guide or use the online demo server to test its capabilities.

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