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WinDirStat (GPLv2)

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View the contents of your drive in detail through this app, providing you with useful statistics about your storage and ways to view the files taking up the most space

Your drives will fill up over time, bit by bit. And most of the time, you hardly notice until you actively look for it. That's because even smaller files, if many, can occupy a large chunk of your storage.

Finding out the files taxing most of your storage is another thing entirely. That is why you may find using WinDirStat, an open-source app, to be worthwhile: visualize the apportionment of your storage in various ways, through the directory and extension lists, or via the Treemap.

Functional interface in an open-source app

The design here isn't much to talk about. The layout is structured like so: you have the directory and extension lists at the top, with the Treemap just below them. The directory list offers details about the space your files and folders occupy on your hard disks, structured in a branchlike layout. Here, you also have the option to launch a command prompt in a specific file's location, right from the app.

This way, we found out that we had a lot of files in the Recycle Bin that we hadn't yet deleted, yet were still taxing our overall storage quite a bit. To build upon that, the extension list provided an additional way to be even more efficient: we found out that we had about 1 GB of .png files that were sitting comfortably in the bin.

Treemap, the way to view it all

Occupying the bottom part of the layout entirely, the Treemap can perhaps be deemed the highlight feature of this program. Thanks to the structured view it provides, you can better visualize the contents on your drives.

The bigger files will take up more space on the visualizer, and by clicking on the respective element, you'll be taken right to its directory. The integration it has with the extension list makes it so that you can ascertain more easily what types of files take up the most of your storage.

WinDirStat grants you valuable stats about your storage, its functional interface and comprehensive features making it easy to use, whilst also providing enough functionality for just about anyone.

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