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WinDataReflector Portable 3.9.1 (Demo)

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Backup and synchronize your valuable folders or plan for these operations to be performed automatically at the desired hours using this tool

What's new in WinDataReflector Portable 3.9.1:

Fixed crash caused by exception list in certain situations. Many updates and fixes.

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WinDataReflector Portable is a lightweight, easy-to-use piece of software that allows you to backup your data fast.

Enjoy the benefits of portability

The application can be easily set up on your computer, as it does not require installation. Instead, you simply need to place the executable on your fixed or portable drive, and it is ready to run. This also means that you can take advantage of its capabilities wherever you are, without too much of a hassle.

The program comes with an intuitive, tabbed interface, allowing you to effortlessly select the folders you want to backup and the output location. Keeping directories synchronized is also simple, and the application can be set to perform this action automatically, for increased convenience.

Easily switch between tasks

WinDataReflector Portable allows you to start multiple synchronization and backup tasks, and you can manage them with ease, since each and every one of them is displayed in a separate tab.

You can choose a name for each task, and you can also schedule it to run at a specific date and time. You also need the select a source folder, as well as an output one for backups, or the two folders you want to be kept synced.

The software provides you with info on each file in the two folders, including details on its size in each folder or on the date when it has been modified. Should there be differences between the two folders, you can choose to immediately synchronize them to change that.

With this application, you can also have folders backed up or synchronized at specific times, courtesy of an included task scheduler. You can also set the application to run at Windows startup, and to show an icon in System Tray.

Easily keep data backed up

In conclusion, WinDataReflector Portable is an easy-to-use data backup utility that allows users to keep their data safe without too much of a hassle. They can simply set backup and synchronization tasks to be performed daily or at specific times, and the app will perform them fast, without requiring further interaction.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONCannot be used to synchronize more than 150 files, create more than 3 tasks or use automation (realtime, USB detection, scheduler) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS20 MB of free disk space

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