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WinBatch 2021D (Trial)

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You can easily create automation scripts and assign any computer function to a specific menu, hotkey combination or command, with this tool

What's new in WinBatch 2021D:

DLL 6.21dud First showing up in WB 2021D Add the JSON extender to the Consolidated WIL Help system, the WIL Syntax Analyzer, and WinBatch Studio menu and syntax colorizing systems. Corrected 8-bit characters in WIL Map key names causing a memory exception when the key name is added to a WIL Map. Address problem in the ObjectClrNew function that caused 64-bit integers class constructor parameters to be truncated to 32-bits.

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WinBatch is a reliable Windows automation tool that enables you to assign a quick access key or command to a multitude of system functions. The application is simple to use and allows you to create automation scripts, as well as import existing documents and modify them.

Assign shortcuts to Windows functions

WinBatch can help you create shortcuts to various functions that you can perform on your computer. For instance, you can quickly access them via key combinations, commands or menus.

The program features a script editor that allows you to generate or edit the source code assigning the desired function to the shortcut. It can be a useful solution for scheduling file printing, email sending, file downloading or even computer cleaning when you are away.

The tool can also help you create macros and run them from icons, hotkeys or other programs. You can define macros as a mode to automate PC functions and operations.

Script compilation and running

WinBatch can also help you compile the scripts and thus create executable files that prompt the computer to perform the desired task. The script editor includes several templates that you can insert into your source code and configure them to activate the desired command.

The program facilitates the script generation/editing thanks to the functions it provides and is capable of deploying the results in a short time. Moreover, it supports transforming macros in executable files, thus creating a short path to activating the desired function.

Automate a large range of functions

WinBatch allows you to create shortcuts to a large spectrum of functions in Windows. From file management to checking network functions, running commands and scripts, to sending emails or inserting text/images/multimedia into your editor. You can trigger Windows event, send files over FTP or manage the data from a table, create algorithms or view the disk drive parameters.

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