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Will it Crush? Mod APK 1.6.0 (Unlimited diamonds)

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Phil Castillo - 31/10/2021

Download Will It Crush? Mod APK – Latest version – Free for Android and experience a brand-new simulation game about a block-crushing machine! Build your ultimate one and play endlessly!

As kids, it’s always a pleasure to watch any type of machinery go at it with all their might. We might now know how they work, but it’s satisfying to see them work nonetheless. This is why machines play a big role to our development – they are everywhere nowadays!


So, some developers made some simple machines into a mobile game called “Will It Crush?” – a machine simulation game. If you love machines, then this game is perfect for you. In here, you will literally just watch 2 round machines obliterate large cubes into smaller ones to make money! But it’s not that simple as you can upgrade the machines. You can increase the speed, power, gravity, reducer, and the tooth size! This is an endless game that doesn’t require much to play!

A Simple Yet Enjoyable Game

Simulation games are among the simplest yet most enjoyable games around. There seems to be no end to the games in this genre as more and more people crave for somethin new. For those that are looking to play a simple yet satisfying game – this is a treat for you!


Will It Crush? is a simulation game made by hit rolls which has achieved more than 10 million downloads worldwide! What’s so different about this game you ask? First of all, it’s all about just crushing boxes! Using 2 round-shaped machines, you’re going to endlessly crush large cubes into smaller ones and earn money. But in order to scale, you need to upgrade. Here, you can increase a bunch of things such as speed, booster, power, tooth size, gravity, reducer and more!

Features of Will It Crush?

Will It Crush? is the name and the tagline of this game. In here, the cubes will definitely be crushed and turned into smaller ones thanks to the round machines. Here are its features:

Endless gameplay – There are a lot of complex and graphic-intensive games around today such as Fortnite, PUBG and many more. But sometimes, a lot of players get bored even by these advanced games. They crave for simple yet entertaining games that will allow them to pass the time. For those times, Will It Crush? is the game for you! Here, you don’t need to know any backstory or complicated game mechanics just to enjoy. Just watch idly as the 2 giant wheels turn large cubes into smaller ones so you can earn money! And this game is popular since it oddly satisfies people!


Upgrades – But this game turns things up a notch every so often with upgrades. Here, you can earn money and then use that to upgrade your machinery. You choose a lot of things to upgrade such as the tooths, tooth size, marketing, gravity, speed, power, reducer, and more! Each of these does something unique and its up to you on what to upgrade first. Of course, the more you upgrade, the more minerals you’re going to get and subsequently more money.

Free to play – What’s even more fascinating in this game is that it’s entirely free to play! There are no pay to play players that will ruin the experience for you like some FPS games today. Here, you’ll play by yourself and enjoy a very satisfying gameplay like no other!


No internet connection required – Since this is a solo game, you don’t need any internet connection to be able to play this one. You just download the game and you can play endlessly for hours! There are plenty of levels to conquer so you need to get grinding!

Entertaining graphics – Lastly, the graphics of this game is well-designed and not straining to the eyes. Everything is fluid even the motions of the machines.

Will It Crush? Mod APK – Unlimited diamonds

Will It Crush? is an entertaining simulation game that allows you to crush cubes for money! Download the unlimited money to instantly move up the levels.

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