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December 17, 2021 (3 mins ago)
Wild Tamer
God Mode, Free Shopping
Android 5.0

Wild Tamer MOD APK is a fun game with a strange idea. As a magician with superior magic, you will talk to, control, and tame hundreds of fierce wild beasts.

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Introduce about Wild Tamer

Battle wild animals, successfully tame the creature, and level up your animal super squad!


In the ancient world, in addition to ensuring shelter, food, and clothing every day, people also had to face countless dangers always waiting for them: harsh nature, disease… But the consequences of those things can come slowly and are still preventable if you know how to do it. Only the herd of ferocious wild animals lurking in every corner of the forest is different. They can rush to attack you at any time. The death is unannounced and comes very quickly. So, in terms of severity and immediacy, wild animals are the first thing that needs to be dealt with.

Not only protecting the safety of yourself and the villagers but taming wild animals also brings many benefits to humans. They can become pets that can protect humans. They can provide a source of food or guards for farming areas and traction… Fighting and taming animals are two parallel processes in this period.

The magician is a very respected person in the tribe. Not only because of his talent for predicting the will of God and foreknowledge of rain and sun and danger but also because the magician can converse and tame wild animals, even the most ferocious.

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The whole Wild Tamer game is a journey to explore the ancient world, where you will see all kinds of species, from small, benign animals such as mice, cats, foxes… Gradually increase your skill and the ability to attract more animals, you will be able to tame even the big, famous, fierce species such as wolves, tigers, leopards, even mammoths and mythical dragons in legends cannot escape the attraction of magicians.

The game principle is similar to the style of Rock paper scissors. For example, a cat eats a mouse, an eagle eats a cat… So, if you think carefully then arrange the formation accordingly, the probability of winning is also very high.

There are times when you will have to give up on a certain animal. But it is not because the ability is not enough, but because you don’t have enough suitable “beasts” in hand to counter this animal. You may approach in the other direction, take route B instead of road A, and you will either get the beast needed to tame the other animal.

The most important thing is still to identify the weakness of each new species and think of ways to control its strength with the existing squad. Playing Wild Tamer, you have to be a bit patient, what can’t be done at that moment doesn’t mean it can’t be done in the future. There may be a different, less arduous approach for you.

Currently, Wild Tamer has about 70 wild animals spreading across 3 large maps corresponding to three different lands in the ancient world. Each land has its own color, topography, and soil, as well as its animal inhabitants. Before officially hunting, you should take some time to go around a new land, look at the terrain, and think about the animals you are likely to encounter. Having some initial information in mind like this will help the magician enter the battle quickly and be less surprised.

Gameplay is so simple. You see the animals, bring them into view, and press the button to capture them (the capture tool). Once you have captured the beast and tamed them, you automatically become its new owner, and the new beast will officially join the squad to prepare to go on the next journey.

Each animal that has been tamed in the squad, in addition to being constantly changed in the order to fight appropriately, must also be trained and upgraded in strength to fight better.

A little bit of role-playing

Showing the role of a magician, Wild Tamer also has a bit of RPG at a basic level. For example, you might be able to increase the stats of your mage character, gaining a lot of clothes after each successful capture of a wild animal. Or you can even learn new moves to tame animals faster and more powerfully.

The magician always wants to be stronger every day, so he constantly goes around looking for rare animals. The stronger the power, the more challenging it is. In addition to the goal of taming wild animals, you also have a larger goal which is to become a great Mage able to conquer all heights.

MOD APK version of Wild Tamer

MOD features

  • God Mode
  • Free Shopping

Download Wild Tamer APK & MOD for Android

What a great game with a super cool idea! The taming mechanism of every species is very logical. Graphics have strange color tones that are slightly gloomy, slightly squiggly but strangely attractive. Although the animals are not too neat or colorful, each species is designed clearly enough for every player to recognize. The big bosses at the end of the game are especially epic. If you want to try this animal taming game, download it here immediately. So much fun is waiting for you ahead!

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