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Where’s Samantha?

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Updated on January 10, 2022

Where’s Samantha APK is so easy to play. Its plot is not too deep, but the gameplay is strange and exciting. Especially, the handmade style graphics are too fancy. It is so worthy of an Indie game worth playing on mobile. Let’s see how amazing it is!

Introduce about Where’s Samantha?

The journey to find a wife of a wool roll with the ability to clone!


The world of Where’s Samantha is a world of things made of cotton, cloth, or rather things related to handmade crafts. The main character named George is a wool roll. George is on his way to find his wife, Samantha, who has gone missing for some unknown reason. As George, going through 45 levels, you will find Samantha and decipher the secret behind your wife’s disappearance.

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You will have to overcome many puzzle challenges with increasing difficulties at each level.

Wool has a special ability to clone itself. That is, you separate yourself into different small components and take turns controlling these little friends. Together, you overcome the obstacles and finish the level and then merge into an original spool and continue to the next level. You can re-enter or detach whenever you want on the road. While you control one of the little friends, the rest of them will snooze, wait until you touch them to wake up, and continue.

For the cute character, the obstacles on the way are also cute things: buttons, hair combs, fabric jumping platforms, or a piece of torn fabric recessed to create a deep hole for you to overcome. It is this random arrangement of obstacles that will give you a hint to solve the problem by merging or splitting the pieces.

When you first start, you will find this game structure very difficult. Because the wool movements are somewhat sluggish compared to the moving speed of moving obstacles. But when you have grasped the general principles, get used to the typical clones in the game and better identify obstacles, then things are no longer difficult. Remember, you will struggle for the first 20 minutes. It will be fine after that.

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Well, while overcoming obstacles, don’t forget to collect cotton letters. They will give you bonus points and are a cute motivator in this puzzle game.

Each clone is a different figure

The small characters, replicas of George, are very useful in many situations. And you also must have them to pass the level. For example, George has to go through a door, but the switch to open the door is far behind. So, you have to split into two pieces so that one half holds the switch, the other half goes through the door, and then it holds another switch, so the other half goes through the door. You know, it is a big part of the fun in this game.

In addition, split copies of spools of wool are always different in shape, color, and size. Every time you clone, you may wonder how you will transform. Each clone also has its abilities and personality. One is suitable for this challenge; one is suitable for another situation. Understanding the common and unique points of each copy, you will get many advantages to overcome the obstacles. This variety also adds a bonus to the fun of playing.

Relive wherever you fall

There is no blood, nor any backup lives. Wherever you die, you can relive there. Flexible respawn points save players a lot of time and effort previously spent. And you will never feel bored when playing again and again. Compared to many other puzzle games, this mechanism is a great reward for players.

My opinion about Where’s Samantha?

Although it has an inspirational basis, Where’s Samantha does not go into the depth of the story and the developments in it. During the process, you only accompany the wool to do some of the same tasks (which are both light and a bit difficult), no big bosses, and no overly difficult missions. In my opinion, this is a pity for such a beautiful indie game.

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Speaking of which, the highlight of Where’s Samantha must be mentioned: Graphics. The fabric backgrounds, wool scrolls, and handmade crafts and things in the game are reproduced very well. You can see every fiber, every slight swaying motion of the spool of wool as it gently lands after a jump. The personification of familiar items present in everyday life has helped Where’s Samantha approach users in a very new, very approachable way.

Download Where’s Samantha? APK free for Android

In general, the image of this game is too cute. I believe any girl who looks at it will fall in love with it. The game is a bit boring to play for a long time, but if you are determined from the beginning to play this game to ease your mind or get some relaxing time before sleeping, then this is an excellent sleeping pill. 

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