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War Robots MOD APK v7.9.1 (Unlimited Rockets)

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Description of War Robots MOD APK

War robots are the futuristic war game where advanced robots and machines fight to occupy the territory. Pickup your robots, upgrade the firepower and dive into an epic robot warfare game. Instant shooting game comes with incredible graphics. Storytelling adds more real fun to the game.

War Robots MOD APKWar Robots MOD APK

 3D Roboter Shooter

 3D Roboter Shooter

Game NameWar Robots Multiplayer Battles
Latest Versionv7.9.1
Size84 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Rockets
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedApril 13, 2022

You will be in the position of the soldier who is fighting for the country. Your job is to defeat the enemy force and keep moving forward towards the final destination. Besides that, character-building helps in adding more power and a strategic approach to the game.

Become a soldier who is strong enough to face unexpected challenges. Character building is going to play a critical role in winning. Thus, every time you cross the level, use the earn rewards to add more weapons and necessary stuff to bring more out of the robot. Your enemies become stronger as you reach close to the final destination.

War Robots is an online multiplayer game. Join the millions of players who are fighting for the same goal. Game immerse as one of the best shooting games in the category. Immersive graphics, tactical fights, multiplayer support and showcase of the power amaze the users.

How to play The War Robots MOD APK?

You will be fighting with the other players. The team is divided into six vs six players. Each one will get the battlefield robots with different configurations. The real-time fighting makes the gameplay more fun. The game does not give you a second chance, so you should be very alert once you enter the game.

Be aware of the changing situation. Stay in focus and listen to the things happening around you. The enemy can surprise you with an attack, so be ready to face them and kill your enemy before they kill you.

Use tactical maneuvers to prevent hitting from the bullets. Have minimum damage to improve the survival rate. As you start playing the game, you will develop many tricks. Use those tricks to stay one step ahead of your enemy.

Once you kill the enemy robots, collect the beacons and use them to upgrade your weapons. The new, more powerful weapons will increase your firepower. It will help you in the face to face combat. You will rise as a strong player who helps your team win the battle.

Also, the power will increase your speed and durability. Every with will provide you with some reward. Use it to become better in the game. Keep moving and exploring the new maps. Your strategic planning and tactical fights will make you win the battle without much damage. You will emerge as the strongest player in the game.

Special Features of The War Robots App

Different types of robots

The game objective is to get the powerful robots onboard and fight with the enemy force. However, getting those premium robots is not an easy task. First, you have to start with the basics, earn money, and upgrade your robots. As you become more powerful, the robots become effective. You will be able to face your competition strongly.

You have options to choose from more than 50 robots capable of fighting and winning any battle. Every robot consists of unique power and ability. With the new robots and special weapons, you will defeat a strong team and win the battle. Additionally, the new robots will bring the fighting style. Get your training in using the fighting ability of the robots. It will help you on the battlefield.

Different commanders

Commanders lead the game and guide you in the game. They are categories in different classes based on their ability and experience. Choose a suitable commander who you believe bring tactical knowledge and help you in winning the game. Add the commander inside the massive machine and to the battlefield.

Your selection process will determine how you will do in the game. Commanders and robots will work together to produce the maximum effort. Therefore, you should find the perfect combination to bring the most out of it.


Gammer will have the support of different war robots. Use the resources to customize the robots look wise and upgrade the powers. The customization helps develop robust robots who will stand on any battlefield and allow you to win the game.

Thus customization is essential for the gamer. Add multiple weapons and enhance the powers of your robots. Add or remove the resources and weapons according to the battles. Build your favorite robot more robust with these customization options.

Multiplayer gameplay

The game has multiplayer support. You will be fighting with other online players. So there is no automated MVP fighting against you; they are real players who can think and learn the new tactics.

The multiplayer adds more fun to the battlefield because every game feels unique and exciting. It is tough to predict what you will be facing in the game. The game is very addictive once you start playing it. It will be tough to get out of the game once you experience the fantastic battlefield round. Keep winning and climb the leaderboard to become one of the top players in the league.

MOD Features of The War Robots Game

  • Unlimited money is offered to the MOD users.
  • All features are unlocked, so you do not have to wait to upgrade levels.
  • All the maps are opened. Choose to play in any of the maps or land and enjoy the gameplay.
  • No restriction on using the resources. Everything is free and available for unlimited use.
  • Upgrade your robot from the first stage itself, which gives you the advantage of winning.
  • No annoying advertisement.

Download The War Robots MOD APK

Use the download link of the War Robots MOD APK given below. Get your favourite game installed on your android device.

Download The War Robots MOD APK

How to install The War Robots MOD APK?

Android users should follow the guideline to install the apk file on their smartphone.

  • First, close all the background applications.
  • Next, go to the setting application. Find the “Allow unknown file download”.
  • Change the default setting to allow. Permission is needed to make the apk file run without any restriction.
  • After that, download the War Robots mod apk file from the above-given source. A download may take a few minutes, depending on the internet speed.
  • Once the download is complete, find the apk file in your file manager folder. Run the installer and wait for the file to get installed on your device.
  • After the War Robots MOD APK is installed, you will have the game icon on your screen. Launch the game and start using it.


How can I use the War Robots MOD APK on PC?

You have first installed android emulator software. The Apk file needs the platform to install the file. Once you do that, you can import the apk file from the download folder and follow the screen’s instructions. Once the War Robots MOD APK is installed on your pc, you will have a game icon in the emulator’s interface. You can play the game through the emulator window.

Do I have to pay to use War Robots MOD APK in the future?

No. The War Robots MOD APK is free and will stay free for a lifetime. Once you have installed the apk file on your smartphone, you are ready to use all the game’s features and take part in the action.


War Robots MOD APK is an amazing multiplayer game on the android platform. High-end graphics and unique battlefield experience uplift the spirit. Get the game downloaded today and start using it.

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