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War of Rafts Mod APK 0.25.8 (No ads)

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Ora Hart - 29/10/2021

Partake in a new battle royale game today set in sea! Download War of Rafts to rescue survivors and battle against others! Collect as many people today to enjoy!

Have you ever heard of IO games? These are multiplayer games that has its own genre and it’s a light but fun game to play. The most popular games under these are Slither.io, Agar.io, Hole.io and many more! Today, you can play a lot of fun multiplayer games that aren’t as action-packed as battle royale games but still enjoyable. In War of Rafts, you get a unique battle experience at sea!

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In this fun battle royale, you will pick up survivors all over the seas that in turn will be your soldier. Obviously, the more survivors you rescue, the bigger your raft will be as well as the number of your army. Moreover, you can also pick up defensive towers if you happen to be lucky. Fighting against other rafts will let you earn rewards as well scores. See how long you can survive today so you can customize your raft!

A Light Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer games have emerged as a necessity nowadays. People seem to be longing for connections more and more as we weather through the pandemic. Because of this, multiplayer games have skyrocketed in numbers as well as downloads throughout the months. But today, we’ll take a look at an IO game that’s making waves – literally! This game is called War of Rafts and it’s a battle royale game based on waters.

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Here, you’ll try to build a bigger raft with more people as time goes on. It’s similar to Slither.io but the only difference is that you’ll be building rafts here. At first, you’ll start with a small square raft with only one person on board. As you go around the area, you’ll find survivors that you can add to your army. Then, you may fight with others that have less personnel than you so you can increase the size of your raft!

Here, you’ll enjoy collecting survivors and even defense towers to help you fight off others. This is the ultimate multiplayer game to enjoy today as you’ll enjoy traversing the waters. This is a highly unique game that lets you increase your offensive and defensive powers.

War of Rafts Features

Rafts are essential if you want to survive. In War of Rafts, these are your primary ways to navigate the waters today.

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A Light Battle Royale – It’s not a surprise that multiplayer games are rising in numbers and players every year. Today, you can enjoy one with millions of players in the servers. But in War of Rafts, you’ll enjoy a battle of strategies and reflexes. In this battle royale, you’ll try to expand your raft and numbers by rescuing various people on the sea. Then, you’ll fight other rafts to get rewards today!

Aside from that, you may even get flamethrowers and even defense towers to help you eliminate other enemies. This is a fun game that pitches you in with other real players in real-time. As such, you’ll enjoy making your raft as big as you can so you can fight plenty of other players. Set new records today and customize the color of your rafts for more fun experiences. If you love IO games, this is a no-brainer!

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Rescue Survivors – In this game, you’ll need to find survivors in the sea that are calling for your help. If you help them, you can turn them as part of your army in the rafts. There are plenty of survivors that require your attention here. The more survivors you help, the more people you can get into your rafts.

Fight Other Rafts – Here, you’ll fight other rafts that are smaller in size and number than yours. This way, you can expand your territory and defeat all the enemies around you. Increase your scores and rewards by eliminating plenty of rafts today! These rafts are manned by real players worldwide which makes this an even more satisfying game to play.

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Customize rafts – You’re also free to customize your rafts to change the paint of the edges here. There’s blue, red, yellow, orange and many more colors to choose from. This will help you easily differentiate your rafts from others today.

Easy controls – Here, you can easily navigate through the waters by controlling your rafts. You don’t need to control it with both hands as your men will automatically fight those who come in contact with your raft. 

Download War of Rafts Mod APK – Latest version

Fight other rafts today and expand yours in War of Rafts! Get read for the ultimate battle royale.

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