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Updated on October 3, 2022

Now it is not only the phone type that creates the quality of the user, but also wallpaper. What wallpaper you are using for your phone will also show your personality. If you don’t have a cool wallpaper, find one at Walli MOD APK (Pro Unlocked).

Introduce about Walli

Should we bring some emotions to the phone screen?

Does your wallpaper have a style?

Every day we may open our phones about 100 times. The feeling for it is very important. It determines each person’s interest and familiarity with this essential piece of technology. When you open your phone, the first thing you see will determine your feeling, and it’s the wallpaper. And above all, wallpaper is also a great way for you to express your personality, mood, and taste.

Wallpaper is important. We know it. But how to make it cool? If you don’t want to use the personal images in your photo album, find an application that has many high-quality images dedicated to wallpapers. One of those currently being used by many people is Walli.

Walli is not just an ordinary wallpaper store as you know it

Walli is a great application providing thousands of HD quality background images with many beautiful colors, sharp images from different topics such as animals, sports, flowers, universe… It helps users freely choose the best wallpapers for their phones. The remarkable number of images is the first thing you are impressed with from this application.

And it doesn’t stop there. The wallpaper set in Walli is also a high-quality, selective collection. It is full of unique, interesting, and creative images from good artists around the world. Each has its distinct style, which has been carefully curated by Walli’s creative team one by one. So, using Walli, what we get first is uniqueness for our phone wallpaper, and then a creative space. Just looking at a wallpaper like this is enough for you to imagine the taste of the phone owner. The higher goal that Walli wants to achieve for its users is to help users express their style and personality through the wallpaper.

In addition to being classified by subject matter, the images in Walli are also classified by style. Particularly, they are put in the following group: black and white photos, or anime, animations, abstract photos, hand-drawn images… This division, again, will make it easier to find what you need according to your mood and preferences.

Images and works of top artists are available on Walli

More than just a store of inanimate background images, Walli is an increasingly open SELECTIVE community where artists from all over the world gather. Everyone has their personality, talents, and contributions. They are all the best in their style. So, once you use Walli, you can find everything you like without having to search outside.

Using an image of an artist as a wallpaper means you are enjoying, admiring, and paying for their admirable talent. Of course, a part of the profits from Walli will always be shared with the artists if their work is downloaded and used.

Each HD wallpaper on Walli connects to the profile of the respective artist who created the work. You’ll be able to see all that person’s available artwork and learn more about them via a small bio and direct links to their website and social media pages. This feature comes in handy if you’re falling in love and admiring some artist’s style on Walli.

Walli can change the wallpaper automatically

Walli provides you with Playlist mode where you can choose any image you like, then press Play, and then the wallpaper will automatically change according to the frequency you want. It’s like a screensaver on a PC. And the difference is that all the pictures here are very beautiful.

Imagine that when you love the style of a creative artist, you can easily find their themed collection in Walli, and you just need to press Play, and the whole collection will appear on the home screen. That feeling must be so exciting! Every time the device is turned on, it will be a surprise and an expectation for you. Very interesting, isn’t it?

Search and select wallpapers quickly and conveniently

In Walli, you can find and choose the wallpaper you like in the following ways:

  • Go to the Trending list
  • Select what you want in the Top list
  • Select Newest Wallpapers
  • Search by different topics
  • Choose in Artist list

Walli supports installing new wallpapers without leaving the app. Just tap on your favorite image and select “Set as wallpaper” and you’re done. Very simple! It takes you less than a second.

You can choose the wallpaper size before downloading. And Walli itself will always have a suggestion that best suits the user’s mobile. You can follow this suggestion or not, all very open.

MOD APK version of Walli

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Walli MOD APK for Android

Do you intend to change the unique and diverse wallpaper, so that each time you open your phone, it is new with wonderful works of art? The best choice currently on mobile for you is Walli. Once you use it, there is no way to return to the boring background of only a few existing images.

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