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VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy

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VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy
FREE $17.99
Android 4.4

VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy APK is a VPN app that helps you to stay anonymous securely on any network environment and can access any limited websites or apps.

Introduce about VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy

Protect Privacy, Stay Anonymous Online and Security

What is VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy?

VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy is still a VPN app like the VPN services you know. But of course, each VPN app has its own strengths, VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy is no exception.

The great strength of VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy is (1) Anonymity online in any network environment, (2) Fast access speed with Fast VPN Super & Wifi Secure Proxy feature, and (3) Helps you access any blocked websites. Let’s learn about these 3 main groups of features.

Currently, VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy is being downloaded and used by millions of people. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy Server has been installed over 400 million times and advertised in Forbes, CNET, CNN, and New York Times. Now, let’s take a look at the main features of this VPN app in detail.

VPN Fast Speed Secure Proxy for Android
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VPN Fast Speed Secure Proxy APK free download

Safe protection when using the network

Not accompanied by other insignificant features, focusing on the core effectiveness of protecting users in all online operations is the first criterion that VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy is aiming for.

This app will help you secure your privacy and access the Internet freely without fear of revealing personal information or sensitive data, through the Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy Server feature.

This feature works by providing a secure connection between the device and the website to be visited using Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. Thereby it will help you anonymize your real IP address to anonymize your device so that no one can monitor your online activities.

Secure all online activities for users, with VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy including hiding IP address, ID, and location. All information about you is considered completely hidden and not real. No one can track, trace or track you in the network environment.

VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy also protects users from its own privacy policy from the developer’s commitment: Do not record any logs during use. The app will not monitor any activity of users.

And only when you actively connect and optionally log errors, the application will begin the process of collecting and analyzing errors to indicate the quality of the connection you are using. This log itself is collected at an appropriate rate solely to improve VPN connection and committed not to share with any other individuals or organizations.

For an extra layer of protection, VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy is also resistant to malware and phishing websites. In the app, there is powerful software built-in to specialize in this task. You just need to connect to VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy on your device, the app will automatically turn on this protection mode, and give specific warnings if the website you are visiting seems suspicious.

With all features, from software inside, developer policy to server settings around the world to create persistent virtual IPs, VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy will help you secure anytime, anywhere in the network environment and no longer worry about using unsecured public Wi-Fi.

Freedom to access any websites on the internet

Some websites, apps, and mobile games will be geographically restricted to certain countries. If you’re in these areas, you won’t be able to access, use or download anything by default. Or some organizational networks are equipped with firewalls to restrict employees/members from accessing social networks, websites that use video or music, etc. At this point, the best way is to find a strong VPN app like VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy.

VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy’s coverage and server stations are diverse and extensive. Hotspot Shield provided by Aura covers 20 countries including the USA, UK, Japan, India, Australia, Canada, China… wherever you are, need to use IP from any country, almost VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy can both respond. From movie websites, social networks, online messaging applications or software download sites, apk pages… There will be no limits if you use VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy to access.

Speed ​​up Internet access speed

VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy not only has a large number of servers but also possesses high-speed bandwidth. As a result, your web access speed will improve significantly compared to when you have not used the app.

VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy also supports unlimited web access with no time limit, no data limit, no bandwidth limit. With this 3-No, your work, play, and web browsing on mobile will speed up significantly.

Download VPN Fast & Speed Secure Proxy APK free for android

If you are wondering which VPN app to use, you can try VPN Fast & Speed ​​Secure Proxy. With useful features, and very focused on protecting user safety, you can rest assured when using this app to access everything on the Internet in high safety.

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