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VOVSOFT Batch Translator 2.0 (Demo)

6 months ago 25

Translate text pieces in various languages with the help of this simple application, which uses the IBM Cloud Language Translator API

What's new in VOVSOFT Batch Translator 2.0:

Multiple files can be added Implemented editable rows using right-click “Edit” menu item or double-click Selected rows can be translated using right-click “Translate” menu item Supported drag and drop

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If translating a text or the content of an entire website or an application is on your to-do list, then you probably need specialized tools to help you out or the assistance of a professional translator. While online translation engines do offer rather good services, they are usually not enough to work with long texts or specific terms. Luckily, the digital world does come up with a solution to every problem so, as expected, there are translation tools that you can try out, such as Vovsoft’s Batch Translator.

Unlike other applications in its category, Batch Translator does not make use of the popular online translation engines. Instead, it relies on the language translation services provided by IBM Cloud, which ensures the recognition of more than 68 languages worldwide and comes with document translation options.

Support for more than 60 languages 

You might be a bit surprised by the simplicity of this application, as it greets you with a simple one-window interface containing no more than one field to write or paste the text in and two drop-down lists to select the input and the output languages. And speaking of languages, Batch Translator is pretty versatile when it comes to language compatibility, as it can process text in as many languages as IBM Cloud supports.

Once you select the two languages, you would expect Batch Translator to reveal the translated text immediately, as most applications of its kind do. Nevertheless, that does not happen, as this particular software utility is practically a client for the IBM Cloud translation services. In other words, you require an IBM Cloud account to be able to use it.

One you own an account, you must extract the IBM Cloud credentials to be able to use the Batch Translator program. To do so, you have to generate a new API key first and paste the API key in the designated field of Batch Translator. With the correct API and URL (the IBM Cloud credentials), Batch Translator can then translate text between any two supported languages.

A client for the IBM Cloud translation service 

The Batch Translator application is a freeware application, but the IBMM Cloud service offers only a limited number of characters to translate per month, requiring an active subscription beyond it. In other words, unless you are not an IBM Cloud user, this application is of no good to you.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONYou can solely translate 1 million words per month with the free version You cannot save to file Nag screen

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