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VOVSOFT - Batch Image Resizer 1.0 (Freeware)

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You can use this highly intuitive and user-friendly application to quickly change the dimensions of multiple graphic files in one go

When you need to embed images within various types of projects, be they blog posts, newly designed websites or school essays, your large pictures might be cumbersome to handle.

VOVSOFT - Batch Image Resizer is one of the apps you can turn to, especially if you lack any technical skills.

Simplistic looks

The main window is highly intuitive and as straightforward as it can be. You simply need to add one or more image files either via drag and drop, or by manually browsing to the location of each file.

The supported formats are not too many, yet they cover the most common extensions: JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF.

Supports several resizing methods

Once you are done with adding the source files, you can move on to the next step, that of selecting the resizing mode that best suits your preferences.

You can start with specifying if you want to resize according to percentage or pixel number, then explore the available interpolation methods. You can choose between Nearest Neighbor, Linear, Cubic or Fant methods.

The downside is that you do not get any information on what sets each mode apart from the other, so you need to take some time to look online for resources detailing each interpolation method.

Also, you should not expect VOVSOFT - Batch Image Resizer to do more than its title implies - it is not a converter, meaning that all the pictures you process will retain their source format even after they have been resized.

To conclude

All in all, VOVSOFT - Batch Image Resizer is an efficient solution that can assist both novices and experts into quickly adjusting the height and width of their chosen graphic files. It does not come with conversion capabilities, nor does it pack a preview section, and all the files are saved to the source folder, rather than to a separate location.

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