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Voukoder / 10 RC 3 (Freeware)

1 year ago 132

A lightweight application designed for integration with a handful of non-linear editors, adding video and audio encoding features to them

What's new in Voukoder 10 RC 3:

Added options to set the language meta data for audio and video tracks Fixed intel QSV issues (Update your driver) Fixed x265 lossless preset (previousely it was near-lossless) Added MPEG2 encoder (with VOB, M2V and TS) container

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Voukoder is a plugin-like utility developed for integration with several non-linear editing applications. Its purpose is simple and straightforward — to offer video and audio encoding services for anyone working with NLEs.

Support for the non-linear editor is not limitless. Currently, Voukoder can be integrated only with Adobe Premiere, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve 17, VEGAS Pro, and VirtualDub2.

Installing Voukoder isn't a chore, but there is something more to be considered, like a connector for example. Each NLE has its own connector, an smaller piece of software that requires installation so the bridge between Voukoder and the editor to be established. Finding the connectors is a walk in the park, as the developers offer them for download on their home page.

At first sight, Voukoder's menu is nothing to be afraid of. It should provide video and audio codecs and filters, including a bit of customization and information.

To sum things up, Voukoder is nothing more than few extra tools, encoding-related ones, to be integrated with your main editing NLE application. Also, the app was not intended for linear editors, so don't waste time trying that. Just stick to the list and everything should work as it should.

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