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VivaVideo PRO APK 9.0.5

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Phil Castillo - 16/12/2021

Download VivaVideo Pro APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to edit your videos professionally and effortlessly. Create stunning videos now!

The rise of the internet gave birth to plenty of social media sites that we know and love today. Nowadays, we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube. People around the world use these sites daily to browse photos and videos. Because of this, the need for mobile video editors have also risen.


Thankfully, we now have video editing apps such as VivaVideo Pro. This app has more than 500 thousand downloads in Google Play Store alone! In this app, you can edit professional videos either for your personal or business social media accounts. It features seamless interface, basic tools, effects, and more! The app allows you to export high quality videos that will impress your followers on social media. There are plenty of stickers, filters, transitions, effects and texts in this app that you can add to your videos. What are you waiting for? Read on to learn more!

What is VivaVideo Pro?

Social media sites are everywhere nowadays. Thanks to these sites, we’ve become closer as human beings and we can now communicate to people all over the world. Because of this, plenty of photos and videos are being uploaded to these sites daily. Not only for personal purposes but also for business purposes. In here, users are free to upload anything they wish.

But since most people have smartphones nowadays, the need for a portable video editing app has emerged. Now, people can do a lot with their phones even edit videos! Thanks to apps such as VivaVideo Pro, you can now edit videos effortlessly! The app features basic editing tools such as trim, import, merge, cut, and more. Aside from these, you can add stickers, music, filters, transitions, and live dubbing. Everything can be instantly previewed in this app.


Aside from that, you can also add tons of effects that will make your videos cooler. In this app, you get to use professional tools that can make your videos look stunning without the need to be a professional video editor. Take advantage of the app’s free tools to make your videos fit for social media. Thanks to this app, you can capture anything including selfies, music collage or an ordinary video. There are also nine unique lenses to prank people!

Lastly, this app is revolutionary because it allows ordinary people to play with their videos and make professional edits. And in this pro version of the app, the videos won’t have watermarks, no ads, unlimited video length in exporting, HD quality exports and more tools to use! Overall, this video editing app is all that you need to create stunning masterpieces that you can share with the world! Read on to learn more.

Features of VivaVideo Pro

VivaVideo Pro is an awesome and stunning video editing app that lets you use tons of filters, effects, stickers, transitions and more! Aside from that, the app lets you use tons of other useful features. Here are they:

Basic tools – Whether you just want to edit videos quickly, VivaVideo Pro is the app for you! This one allows you to access the basic tools that you can find in most video editing apps. These include the trim, merge, import, add music, and more! In this app, you can basically edit anything you wish whether long or short. That’s the kind of app this video editing app is. You no longer need any third-party apps just to edit any kind of videos.


Stickers, FX, Transitions, Filters and more – If you need more advanced tools, this app lets you use the vast library of tools. In here you can use tons of stickers, FX, transitions, filters, music and more! In here, your videos will instantly look stunning thanks to the ready-made templates of the app. In here you can access tons of transitions to make your videos look seamless. You can also add tons of themes and effects to recreate Hollywood action scenes if you so wish. Or, you can add filters to your videos to make it look like a horror film or anything you want. Basically, you can create anything you wish with the help of the advanced tools in this app.

Video Camera Lenses – VivaVideo Pro also features video camera lenses that make everything fun! There are nine unique camera lenses that you can try in here. There are multiple options such as basic, selfie, funny, music video, collage and more! There are a lot to choose from so you can basically do everything you want if you want to. You can even prank people around you thanks to these camera lenses!


Photo Slideshow Maker – In here, you can create a stunning slideshow for your personal or business needs. Just upload your photos to the app and you can easily string them together to make a cohesive video experience. The app lets you automatically create a slideshow. There are tons of additional effects that you can use to spice them up more! Whether you just want a presentation or not, you can do it all in this app!

Video Collage Maker – In here, you can also create stunning video collage thanks to the collage maker. In here, you just need to upload your videos directly in the app so you can edit them into a collage. That’s how easy it is to create a stunning collage video.

Downloadable Materials – In this app, there are over 200 special effects included in the app that you can use for your videos. These are completely downloadable so you can use them for your videos.

High-quality Exports – VivaVideo Pro also allows you to export videos in up to 720p HD resolution. This means that your followers will appreciate your videos since they’re not blurry. There are more to appreciate when you can export stunning videos in the highest quality possible!


Share – In here, you can share your edits directly to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Messenger and Email.

User-friendly Interface – The most important feature that VivaVideo Pro features is the user-friendly interface! In here, everything is just at the tap of a button. You can export, import and add all sorts of effects to your videos with just one touch. No need for complex video editing software when you can use this app!

VivaVideo Pro APK – Latest version

VivaVideo Pro is an awesome video editing app that allows you to edit videos professionally easily! Download the latest version now!

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