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VisualGDB 5.6 (Trial)

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Visual Studio extension that seamlessly integrates GCC, GDB and GNU Make, allowing you to create Linux projects and providing support for Embedded and Android programs

VisualGDB seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio, allowing the development of Linux applications in C/C++ and Android or Embedded projects. It is compatible with all the editions of Microsoft's IDE.

VisualGDB can import projects that already use GNU Make, QMake, or CMake, enabling you to take advantage of the powerful Clang IntelliSense engine to work efficiently. It allows the quick creation of implementations for new methods and interfaces and comes with error corrections, macros support, and more.

Featuring advanced CMake integration, VisualGDB makes it possible for you to edit Makefiles, manage targets, and handle QMake sources. To make your job easier, it automatically installs cross-compilers for Linux (GCC) and debugging tools (OpenOCD, GDB), so you don't have to worry about anything else but your project. Both local and remote SSH-based debugging is possible, and automation tools are at your disposal for fast development. As for the compiler, configuring it is easy, as VisualGDB is the one that takes care of the compiler flags and the linker scripts.

VisualGDB also features advanced profiling tools, making it possible for you to evaluate the performance of your programs. Dynamic analysis allows you to monitor the behavior of the program as it runs and collect data to compare it with future performance evaluations.

One of the most important advantages of VisualGDB is that it comes with a feature set and options that enable you to focus on your code, rather than taking the time to install and configure everything. Once you go through the project creation wizard, you can simply start working, without worrying about toolchains or settings.

Limitations in the unregistered version

30 days trial

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