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Visual Micro (Freemium)

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Have your own 100% Arduino compatible IDE inside Visual Studio or Atmel Studio, so that you can create command sets and upload them to Arduino microprocessors

What's new in Visual Micro

VS2022: Serial Debug: Resolution of Multiplot DLL Load Error Portenta H7: Pre-configured Hardware Debugging for M7 Core with Segger JLink integrated for "Arduino Mbed OS Portenta Boards" platform) Build: Fix to Library discovery process to avoid conflict with different architecture libraries (Reported Here) Build: Ensure creation of Merged Sketch+Bootloader HEX & BIN for e.g. Arduino Zero (Reported Here)

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Visual Micro is a Microsoft Visual Studio and Atmel Studio plug-in that can be used by developers to create cross-platform programs compatible with Arduino boards. It supports Visual Studio 2012-2017 (with C++ installed) and Atmel Studio 7.

This software enables you to develop and upload projects to any Arduino board, and it takes full advantage of the features offered by Visual Studio and Atmel Studio.

It is fully compatible with the Arduino development environment, and it relies on the same libraries, source code and tools. However, Visual Micro is intended to provide users with a more advanced development environment than what they get from the Arduino IDE.

Visual Micro is available for both Microsoft Visual Studio and Atmel Studio, and developers can decide which product is best suited for their projects.

This plug-in essentially replaces the original Arduino IDE, as it adds new functions to Visual Studio and Atmel Studio designed to enable you to develop software for the Arduino platform.

Visual Micro can be used for free, although you to have the option of upgrading to the Pro version, which offers enhanced debugging capabilities. It will, however, be necessary to update to the current version every 6 to 9 months when using the free edition of the software.

Limitations in the unregistered version

Serial/Wifi debug feature is only available in Visual Micro Pro Nag screen is displayed once per day

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