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VideoProc Vlogger 1.1 (Freeware)

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A straightforward video editor for content creators vloggers and anyone interested in expressing their creativity trough editing

Vlogging is a fully-fledged business nowadays. People are making money by simply exposing their daily life to the public. Just live for a living, as well as it's captivating enough of an audience. Still, let's not forget that behind the screen, a lot of work must be taken care of. Dedicated software like video editors are a critical part of such an enterprise, and VideoProc Vlogger might be the one for you.

Getting started

Video editing is not something you can do with any machine. Unless you have a decent rig, the application won't even launch. A thorough hardware check is performed after the installation, and if all parameters are met, the app is ready to open.

Creating a new project would be the next step. Assign it a name, an output location, decide on the overall resolution and FPS rate. Finish things up by clicking the New Project button.

Add your videos and start editing

The Media Library takes care of all elements you wish to mix up within the project. Load up clips, images, audio tracks, and subtitles to begin with. Drag it to the Timeline to build the base of the video.

Apply transition effects, titles, filters, text boxes, to your project in order to enrich your final clip and give it originality. Atop the timeline chart, one can find handy tools for splitting frames, speeding them up, crop parts, change colors, add ripple effects, and text boxes.

Export when ready

Completed projects can be exported in a jiffy. Take care of details like file name, output format, video, and audio quality settings, and you are done. A new video is now ready to be shared with your audience.

In conclusion

VideoProc Vlogger is a standard video editor aimed toward vloggers, content creators, or casual users looking to sharpen their skills. Why standard? Because this recipe is not new to the video editing branch, but taking into consideration it comes without a paywall, should be enough to catch some attention.

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