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Videomass 3.5.1 (Donationware)

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Due to this cross-platform GUI for FFmpeg and Youtube-dl, you get a feature-packed software solution with a flurry of functions and features

What's new in Videomass 3.5.1:

Improvements: Improved handling of exiting the application after making changes to user preferences (see #39 ). [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved "Best quality video" selector to the best quality overall. [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved "Worst quality video" selector to the worst quality overall.

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There are a lot of software solutions that are restricted to experienced users since they only use command line interaction. This is the case for FFmpeg and Youtube-dl, and Videomass aims to make them accessible even to beginners by providing a GUI for them.

Unless you already have them installed on your PC, the utility offers to download these apps to ensure smooth functioning.

User-friendly FFmpeg frontend

Videomass is a user interface for FFmpeg, meaning you get to enjoy all the functions typically supported by this app packed in nicely looking windows.

You need to start by adding the videos you want to convert to the dedicated section - you can drag and drop the files when you want to speed up the process.

Next, you need to navigate to the following panel and make the configuration that best suits your needs. More specifically, you can choose the video container and encoder you prefer, then adjust the bitrate, aspect ratio, or FPS.

You even get the possibility to apply some enhancements, such as resizing, cropping, rotation, or deinterlacing, while also getting access to a denoiser and a stabilizer (each of these tools comes with extra parameters you can customize to your liking).

Integrated Youtube-dl GUI

Another useful feature of Videomass is packing a YouTube downloader that is based on the popular Youtube-dl. You can create a list with all the URLs you are interested in, with playlists also being supported.

You can define the type of download you require: default, audio and video splitted, audio only or by format code.


To wrap it up, Videomass is a highly reliable solution for all those who want to experiment with FFmpeg or Youtube-dl, yet are discouraged by their lack of a GUI. Also, due to the detailed user guide and wiki, you can rest assured you will get the results you are looking for.

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