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Updated on March 14, 2022

Vainglory APK is a MOBA strategy game from Super Evil Megacorp. Although not the earliest game of this genre, Vainglory has created its own path, style, and class, enough to storm the mobile game world.

Introduce about Vainglory

The longtime MOBA game with the famous simple tap tap gameplay!

Vainglory is the must-play game if you’re a MOBA fan

Ignore all the scandals related to the owner from NetEase to Super Evil Megacorp and between periods in Rogue Games. Let’s just look at the attractive values ​​and attractive gameplay from the very core of this game. That’s also what makes players want to stay with a game for a long time.

Unlike the MOBA games you know today, Vainglory is famous for its strange and minimalist gameplay. Specifically, this game relies on a simple but effective tap tap operation on mobile screens. With just this simple operation, you can take the initiative, flexibly move your character, make skills and fight with all enemies.

Just take a look at the gameplay or a few images cut from the game, you can be completely conquered by the sophisticated quality of the graphics, meticulous color schemes, smooth character movements, and concise gameplay. Although many of Vainglory’s improved features are no longer updated or added new, the essence of this game has too many interesting things. If you are a fan of the MOBA genre, you can’t skip this legendary game Vainglory.

Things you might have known about MOBAs but still didn’t know about Vainglory

For those of you who don’t know, Vainglory, in its heyday a few years ago, was an award-winning free-to-play MOBA and attracted a large number of players. Unfortunately, it has not been properly noticed and invested to maintain its heat with the ever-changing gaming market out there, leading to the current state of stagnation. But when it comes to the Strategic Depth and the amazing Mechanical Skills that a good MOBA game needs, it’s now affirmed that it is always difficult for anyone to surpass Vainglory, even if that game is more famous or more successful than Vainglory.

About strategic combat, Vainglory is appreciated for its depth, not only because it revolves around fierce battles, but the game also takes pains to exploit the personality of the character, the story behind it, and many different activities to achieve the final victory. Depending on your own strategy and fighting style, you have many ways to win, not just one.

Vainglory’s superb mechanical skills are demonstrated through precise control during combat. Vainglory was created from its proprietary Evil cross-platform game engine. This technology and tools help bring beautiful, smooth graphics, eye-catching colors, especially impressive control accuracy, especially on mobile. If you try to download this game today to play, you will see that it is different from the MOBA games you have ever known.

Summary of Vainglory

It is difficult to say all the good points of Vainglory if going into details. Well, I will temporarily close with the following brief lines, hoping to have gathered all the interesting things of this long-standing MOBA game:

  • Set of 48+ distinct heroes with unique combo system and playstyle.
  • There are many game modes to choose from according to each person’s battle strategy: macro play, objectives, team comps, and vision control.
  • Support the playmaker system and adrenaline system, allowing to increase the attack speed of precise manipulation
  • Multiple competitive gameplay is possible for each hero.
  • Fog of War in real vision, 120 FPS support.
  • Wide variety of maps, ensuring a long playing experience.
  • Has Last-hitting.
  • There are store and many upgrade items.
  • Each character has a fascinating story behind them.

Download Vainglory APK for Android

One of the reasons I chose to play Vainglory is a global community in 14 vast languages ​​of this perennial game. Through the community, we have learned a lot and cultivated profound strategies with each other. If you just started playing MOBA and want to stick with this game genre for a long time, my advice is to play Vainglory from now on.

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