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Universal Maps Downloader 10.064 (Demo)

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Easily download and save maps from Google, Yahoo, Bing and OpenStreetMap or convert the degrees, minutes, seconds to another format

What's new in Universal Maps Downloader 10.064:

Added 19 new maps type: Baidu map (512px, China) Maps type ID=740 Baidu map without labels (512px, China) Maps type ID=741 Baidu map without labels (China) Maps type ID=742

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No matter if you are passionate about maps as a hobby or if this is your job, you surely know by now that a dedicated download solution can make life a lot easier.

And since Universal Maps Downloader supports a wide range of maps, it might become your go-to solution for such tasks.

Minimalist looks

The GUI of this application is highly intuitive and user-friendly, as you can easily enter the coordinates of the place you are interested in, while also adjusting the zoom level in the process. You can assign the current job a name, to save it for later review or comparison.

The download path can be left as it is, or you can replace it with a folder of your choosing.

Supports multiple types of maps

What sets Universal Maps Downloader apart from other similar tools is that it can be used to grab numerous types of maps, ranging from ArcGIS Online Imagery, Baidu, CARTO Basemaps, Eniro, FINN Kart, Gaode, Here, Stadia, Tencent, Thunderforest, ViaMichelin, Wikimapia, Yahoo, Yandex and many more.

There are some engines that are more suitable to download maps of certain countries, as well as some that provide you with several sub-types of maps (imagery, satellite, terrain, hybrid, vector and so on).

A special category is represented by the Google Maps, as you get support for all types of such maps in a single interface.

Exports maps to other formats

A handy feature of Universal Maps Downloader is that you can not only view or split your newly downloaded maps, but also export them to RMaps, OruxMaps, or MBtiles compatible files.

Alternatively, you can convert your map to other formats such as BMP, TIFF, JPEG, ECW, SGI, or IMG. You can even create a KMZ file that you can later import in your Garmin device.


To wrap it up, Universal Maps Downloader can help you quickly grab many kinds of maps even if you are not a tech-savvy user.

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