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Unheard APK is a puzzle adventure game published by BILIBILI and developed by NEXT Studio. The game revolves around the theme of criminal psychology, which is very difficult to exploit. Unheard is one of those rare games that makes the logical plot, engaging situations, and puzzles like no other. Specifically, you do not play the role of a person, but play the role of “a fly” to listen and deduce all situations on the scene (the fly is a metaphor, read on the gameplay below to see). 

Introduce about Unheard

Detective puzzle game: a walk in the wonderful sound zone!

When it comes to mobile gaming, strategy and puzzle games are the best for me. You can take the phone to play games anywhere. You can pore over the match and the solution for the puzzles on the sofa, in bed, and even on the toilet. That’s why I often find games of this type to play. And when searching, I just came across a pretty good puzzle game that I wanted to share with everyone.

What’s so special about Unheard?

Unheard is a psycho-criminal adventure game in a style that is a bit rare in puzzle games on all platforms. Games with puzzles and crime topics are so many, but those successfully showing deep criminal psychology are rare. In short, after reading the short introduction on Google Play, I think I have to try it out.

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Unheard lets you play the role of a detective investigating cases but with a whole new perspective and way. This detective does not only do one thing, one type of case but joins any incident and does anything: forensic examination, criminal investigation, tracking of hidden criminals. No matter what challenge you face, your only task is to solve the difficult problem and bring the killer into jail.


The game poses a rather strange situation. As a detective, you will be provided with recordings from conversations at the scene in the past. Every clue, move, and hidden motive is now presented as sound.

That is different from the usual detective and puzzle topics. Instead of controlling a specific character, doing specific actions to solve puzzles and find the culprit, in Unheard, you just have to listen attentively, imagine what’s going on there, and connect with other previously provided data. Then match the name with the voice, with the behaviors and actions taking place at the scene (presented as audible sounds and noises).

Graphics and sound

In Unheard, there is not much sound, and the static hand-drawn images do not have many effects. But the feeling of silence and stress that it brings is not small. Unheard will surprise you because you didn’t think a game that looked so calm could stir the mind for so long.

A special feature of Unheard is that players can sketch their own diagrams of each case. Then, along with their ability to reason, logic, and observe, you find out the truth.

The sound is an integral part of this game. It is best to use headphones, avoid all surrounding noise to really get into the game, and not be distracted by any reason. You will understand why the game attracts so many hearts. Now, I will explain in more detail why sound is the “main character” in Unheard.


At the beginning of each situation, you know just a few hints about that situation. Then put on headphones, run back to the past. Players use the voices heard in the recordings obtained by the police during the investigation of the case, to bring themselves back to the crime scene. Listen to every sound, no matter how small, in it, use the information available on the table to connect with each development, each character present at the scene according to the testimony of the witnesses and the suspect.

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But not only that, sometimes you have to turn around and ask yourself, where did these voices come from? Who gave them to the police? Is it possible to believe what you are hearing? Sometimes in this life, you can’t believe something with your eyes and ears. So only by listening, you cannot make sure you understand the story correctly according to the truth that it happened.

The sound of running water, knocking on the door, running feet, screaming, a private conversation between two people, the sound of falling objects… all the most amazing sounds of this life are available in this game. This is no longer an ordinary mind match, but a walk in the land of sounds.

I was impressed with a description of Unheard like this on Google Play “Don’t expect to get slapped in the face with a bunch of clues, nobody does that for you in Unheard. Instead, be a fly on the wall, listening to every sound to find all innermost secrets. Remember anyone can be the culprit.” Only a small part, but that’s the whole reason I chose to download Unheard to play, and after a few days, I still feel this game is so amazing.

A little tip for new players: Anytime you find your listening is distracting, or you feel that that detail is too normal, that logic is too common, then remember to press the button Pause immediately. Because the times when you are mostly caught off guard are often when clues emerge without you even knowing it. I’ve had it a few times. Until I realized, I could only blame myself for being too careless.

The cases you are responsible for solving are not separate. There is some mysterious thread, some strange common ground between them that you must uncover. Finding this thread, you will have many new explanations for previously unresolved situations.

Unheard for Android 1440x810

Unheard has a completely open ending. Each player will discover the story on their own, and put the remaining pieces together, and come to their own ending. Even more surprising is that when you solve a situation A by way of #1, it will lead to a situation B, but if you solve situation A by way of #2 #3, the next progression is situation C, D. This kind of correlation depends on how you deal with each case. Again, just for you to remember, all the cases in Unheard are related to each other. Then you will see.

Download Unheard APK free for Android

Unheard is a super amazing puzzle game. I heard that it used to be a storm on PC for a long time before it came to mobile. The mobile version of Unheard also adds a DLC called The Lethal Script. So, it’s even better than the original. Not to mention that great journey, the presentation itself and the reasonably smooth puzzle challenges, the strange 2D graphic style have created many thrilling feelings for players. Like the excitement in the silence. If you are interested in the subject of criminal psychology, remember to play Unheard. Good game indeed!

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