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UndeleteOnClick / Beta (Freeware)

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Easily recover accidentally deleted or lost files with this application that offers customizable parameters for the undeletion scanning

Holding large volumes of data oftentimes involves the accidental deletion of files, folders, or applications. If users also use the permanent deletion option, then recovering their files can be quite problematic. UndeleteOnClick is an application that was designed in order to provide people with a way of easily undeleting their files and recovering them to a selected drive.

Clean interface that offers a minimalist layout with just the essential recovery tools

The application presents users with a minimalist interface that offers a main viewing area where the files that are available for undeletion will be displayed. Right after the deployment process, people will be greeted with a short configuration window that will assist them in setting up the scanning parameters.

They will be able to select the drive where the deletion scanning is to be performed and add specific search criteria. This way, they will be able to decrease the processing time and customize the file search to meet their requirements, with parameters such as file size or extension.

Regain access to accidentally deleted files with this undelete utility that offers a swift recovery process

Users will be able to run the scanning process and view all the files that are available for recovery and, fortunately, the application also allows them to search for files deleted in a certain time frame. However, there is no quick search option available in the scan results and this could be particularly annoying when working with large numbers of files.

Additionally, the preview feature for the deleted files (where applicable) is accessible only separately, through the special context menu command. It would have been useful for the application to also provide a built-in preview, as similar software packages tend to provide.

Recover your files with ease by using this application that lets you undelete the required content

Considering its general straightforward handling and ease of use, UndeleteOnClick will perform a fine job when it comes to helping users recover their deleted files. It will allow them to scan only the preferred drives, add special search criteria such as file name or extension and run the scan in a specified time period. However, previewing the files available for recovery isn’t the most straightforward we’ve seen.

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SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSAt least 7.4 MB of free disk space.

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