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ULogViewer Pre-release (MIT License)

8 months ago 25

A sleek-looking application that is intended for those who need a comfortable environment for reading and parsing their logs, data coming from various platforms

What's new in ULogViewer Pre-release:

Support changing UI scale factor on Linux. Prevent showing empty memory usage on macOS (currently unsupported). Update UI.

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ULogViewer will help users extract, read, and comfortably parse hundreds of system logs, all from within its super modern-looking interface.

Open-source transparency and advanced flexibility

With this free-of-cost application, you can first and foremost easily pull out system records and simply manage them. What does that mean? When opening the application for the first time, you can opt to see successful system operations, failed instances, or both types of logs.

At the same time, it is important to take into account that ULogViewer is an open-source project which offers transparency. It is also portable and available for Windows OS, macOS, and Linux.

Browsing through your logs and what kind of data you can pull

Based on your chosen profile (Android Device Log, Git Log, Windows Event Logs for Applications, Security, System, or Setup), you are given access to your machine's information and can easily browse through each log.

Filtering logs, sorting results, and using regular expression for advanced searches

After choosing the desired log profile and having worked your way through the types of logs you chose to display, you can use a dedicated search bar for finding specific instances, use RegEx command for granularly filtering the results, or simply create your custom filters from scratch.

Equally, the application gives you the option to also import other types of logs or create user-defined log profiles that pull records and data from specific parts of your system.

You can have multiple tabs open at once, browse through various log types, access each system event individually, and, finally, save your log to file.


To conclude, this application is much more than a simple log viewer. The tool is perfect for users who run multiple virtual machines on their system, want detailed information about each process and those are executed, or need network process monitoring.

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