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Udemy – Variable Frequency Drives – Wire-Setup-Troubleshoot VFDs 2021-8

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Variable Frequency Drives – Wire-Setup-Troubleshoot VFDs course published by Udemy Academy. Online course on wiring, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting of VFD and modern motor systems.

This course covers all aspects of working with modern variable frequency drives (VFD). General terms that apply to all VFD manufacturers are covered. Wiring, programming and setup of various manufacturers are covered. In-depth commissioning of the VFD is covered using the professional drive commissioning software that is included for free in the course. The student can follow and adjust the parameters using the software. VFD simulation software is also included and shown to exactly replicate the front panel buttons of a modern VFD. The student goes through the steps of setting up the drive and covers the important points he has learned over the years. Periodic inspection and maintenance of VFDs and electric motors are covered. Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting tasks are covered.

What you will learn in the Variable Frequency Drives – Wire-Setup-Troubleshoot VFDs course:

  • VFD (inverter drive) theory of operation, V/Hz, flux vectoring, pumps and fan mode applications are explained.
  • Drive specifications and required power
  • VFD and motor installation considerations.
  • Inverter duty motors, line and load reactors and braking resistor requirements are explained.
  • Learn about applications that benefit from VFD technology.
  • VFD Safety Considerations and Lockout.
  • And …

Who is this course suitable for:

  • Electrical Technicians, Electrical Apprentices, Electricians, Maintenance Technicians, Beginners and Electrical Enthusiasts.

Course specifications

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Norman Burton
  • Language: English
  • Training level: Introductory to Advanced
  • Number of courses: 52
  • Training duration: 8 hours and 37 minutes

Course topics

Variable Frequency Drives - Wire-Setup-Troubleshoot VFDs

Course prerequisites

Understanding of basic electrical switching components and power supplies.
Mechanical aptitude and understanding of motor driving systems such as; pumps, fans and conveyors.
An understanding of motor control terminology (2-wire control, 3-wire control).
Ability to read an electrical schematic diagram and correctly use an electrical test meter to measure voltage and ring out components.
Operational knowledge of asynchronous three phase induction motors (squirrel cage motors).
Awareness of electrical lock-out safety requirements.
Able to use PC based software programs.


Variable Frequency Drives - Wire-Setup-Troubleshoot VFDs

Variable Frequency Drives – Wire-Setup-Troubleshoot VFDs introduction video

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