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Udemy – PHP for Beginners 2022-4

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PHP for Beginners published by Udemy Academy. Build a content management system from scratch with PHP and MySQL.

Want to get into web development but not sure where to start? So maybe you’ve tried some PHP and MySQL tutorials on YouTube, but found them too difficult or outdated, and feel like you need a more comprehensive introduction. You might want to learn how to write PHP the right way. Secure, OOP-ready code and maximize reusability, as well as knowledge of PHP programming standards to adopt and adhere to, too? Maybe your boss or client has thrown you into the deep end with a PHP and MySQL project and you need to get up to speed with PHP quickly. Whatever the reason, this course is for you. This course teaches you how to create web applications using PHP and MySQL. Specifically, you’ll learn PHP and then build your own content management system (CMS) from scratch. Why PHP? PHP is the most popular website programming language in the world. The combination of PHP and MySQL is widely used to create web applications, and developers with these key skills are in high demand. This course teaches you how to create web applications in PHP using a MySQL database.

What you will learn in the PHP for Beginners course:

  • Learn how to create a dynamic website using the most popular web programming language
  • Build an efficient CMS in PHP and MySQL from scratch
  • Learn how to secure your code
  • Learn how to write more reusable and maintainable code using programming standards
  • Learn how to structure your code using object-oriented programming techniques
  • Learn the theory but then put it into practice on a CMS project
  • And …

Who is this course suitable for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn both PHP and how to create web applications.

Course specifications

Course topics

PHP for Beginners

Course prerequisites

Access to a computer running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.


PHP for Beginners

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