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Udemy Course 9:Implementing PowerShell Security Best Practice 2019-11

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At the end of Course 9: Implementing PowerShell Security Best Practice, you have the necessary skills to enroll in course 10: Hack Windows Server 2019 using PowerShell & WMI, and you can write the main tool script with more than 3500 lines of code in that course.

The original purpose of Windows PowerShell was to help IT professionals and power users control and automate the management of the Windows operating system and the programs that run on Windows. To take advantage of the benefits that Windows PowerShell has to offer while minimizing security risks, it is essential to understand the basic aspects of Windows PowerShell operational security. Another aspect to consider in the context of this course is the role of Windows PowerShell in security exploits.

You will then explore the most common Windows PowerShell-based techniques used by hackers to exploit existing access to a Windows operating system to facilitate the installation of malicious software, perform detection tasks, establish its stability on a target computer, and promote lateral movement. did . You’ll also review some Windows PowerShell-based security tools that facilitate penetration testing, forensics, and reverse engineering of Windows PowerShell exploits. To conclude the course, you will provide a summary of the technologies recommended by the Blue Team to implement comprehensive and defense-in-depth security against Windows PowerShell-based attacks.

What you will learn in Course 9: Implementing PowerShell Security Best Practice

  • Windows PowerShell Security View
  • Use Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core to secure your network
  • Manage the execution of local PowerShell scripts
  • Manage remote execution of Windows PowerShell
  • And…

This course is suitable for people who

  • This course is intended for IT professionals who need a deeper understanding of Windows PowerShell security-related features and exploits and to increase their knowledge level through a primarily hands-on experience implementing Windows PowerShell security features.

Course details

Publisher: Udemy

Lecturer: Dante Leo

English language

Training level: advanced

Number of courses: 67

Training duration: 9 hours and 55 minutes

Course headings

Implementing PowerShell Security Best Practice 2019


A good foundation in accessing and using simple Windows PowerShell commands

Experience with Windows Client and Server administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting

Basic experience and understanding of Windows networking technologies, to include Windows Firewall network setting, DNS, DHCP, WiFi, and cloud services concepts.

Basic experience and understanding of Active Directory, including functions of a domain controller, sign on services, and an understanding of group policy

Knowledge of and relevant experience in systems administration, using Windows 10

Attendance of Courses 6 and 8 in this series is highly desired

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Implementing PowerShell Security Best Practice 2019

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