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Udemy – CFA® Level 1 (2021/2022) – Complete Corporate Finance 2021-7

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Udemy – CFA® Level 1 (2021/2022) – Complete Corporate Finance 2021-7

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CFA® Level 1 (2021/2022) – Complete Corporate Finance is a level one CFA international exam preparation course published by Udemy Academy. This course is a small part of a 10-part set that covers all the topics covered in the CFA Level Test. This section teaches topics related to corporate finance in a highly specialized and budgeted way. This training package is one of the best-selling Udemy collections related to economic topics, especially the CFA exam. The instructor of this series uses visual and animation learning techniques to teach complex financial topics, which is very attractive and interactive in its kind. The videos of this training course are very short and the duration of each video will not be more than 15 minutes.

The CFA exam is a set of level-level exams that can improve applicants’ skills in economics, investment, business management, risk management, capital management, and more. The CFA degree is one of the most prestigious international degrees and is equivalent to a university degree. CFA exams are very tedious and difficult and almost 70% of applicants are not able to get the minimum score. Obtaining a CFA degree has a significant impact on your career and education, and large companies usually recognize this degree.

What you will learn in CFA® Level 1 (2021/2022) – Complete Corporate Finance

  • Deep understanding of the employer-broker issue and other relationships within a company
  • Familiarity with the issue of project stakeholder management and methods of organizing communication between stakeholders
  • Reduce the risks of incorrect communications
  • Familiarity with the duties and charter of the board of directors in different companies
  • Examining the ESG index in investment analysis
  • ESG index and measuring business ethics and responsible management
  • Calculation of net present value, internal rate of return, return on investment periods, profitability index of main projects, etc.
  • Evaluation and selection of long-term investment projects based on current net worth indicators and internal rate of return
  • Methods of calculating the weighted average of capital costs
  • Calculate debt cost, capital cost, preferred stock cost and equity
  • Calculate and analyze the cost of capital for a particular project

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: PrepNuggets
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 31
Duration: 3 hours and 55 minutes

Course topics on 2021/10

CFA® Level 1 (2021/2022) - Complete Corporate Finance Content

CFA® Level 1 (2021/2022) – Complete Corporate Finance Prerequisites

Basic mathematics knowledge

Understanding of Time Value of Money Concepts


CFA® Level 1 (2021/2022) - Complete Corporate Finance

CFA® Level 1 (2021/2022) – Complete Corporate Finance Introduction Video

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This course is part of a large 10-part series. (All Courses)

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