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Udemy – Calculus 2 with the Math Sorcerer 2021-7

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Calculus 2 with the Math Sorcerer Calculus 2 with the Math Sorcerer course published by Udemy Academy. Over 500 videos – this is the ultimate Calculus 2 course!

This is literally the ULTIMATE Calculus 2 course because it contains over 500 videos!

Basically just;

  • 1) Watch the videos and try to follow and take notes with pencil and paper!
  • 2) Try to do problems before I do them (if you can!)
  • 3) Repeat!

If you finish even 50% of this course, you will know calculus 2 and more importantly, your level of math maturity will increase dramatically! Calculus 2 is an absolutely beautiful subject. I hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as I do and solve these problems.

What you will learn in the Calculus 2 with the Math Sorcerer course:

  • Calculus 2 is guaranteed to be more than you’ll learn in any class 🙂
  • How to find derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions
  • How to write a trigonometric expression in algebraic form
  • How to find the equation of the tangent line
  • How to evaluate integrals leading to inverse trigonometric functions
  • How to solve simple differential equations involving inverse trigger functions
  • How to derive some inverse trig functions from scratch
  • How to find the tangent line using implicit differentiation
  • How to find the relative surplus using the first derivative test
  • Definitions of hyperbolic functions
  • And …

Who is this course suitable for:

  • Students who know basic arithmetic
  • Students who have passed the math lesson 1

Course specifications

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: The Math Sorcerer
  • Language: English
  • Training level: Introductory to Advanced
  • Number of courses: 503
  • Training duration: 36 hours and 31 minutes

Course topics

Calculus 2 with the Math Sorcerer

Course prerequisites

Calculus 1 is the usual prerequisite since this is Calculus 2
Knowledge of basic differentiation rules and integration rules


Calculus 2 with the Math Sorcerer

Calculus 2 with the Math Sorcerer introduction video

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