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Udemy – AC (Alternating Current) Circuit Analysis 2022-2

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The AC (Alternating Current) Circuit Analysis course is a complete AC analysis course. It starts with a very simple mathematical knowledge of sinusoids and phasors (the tools we use during analysis). 1-) Sinuses and phasors: In this unit, students will acquire the mathematical knowledge needed before diving into the analysis. The topics are as follows: introduction, sinusoids, phasors, phasor relationships with circuit elements, etc. 2-) Analysis of sinusoidal steady state: In this unit, students will analyze the basic AC circuit using the same methods for DC. They will practice. Students will see that these methods are applicable to both AC and DC. The topics are as follows; Nodal analysis, mesh analysis, superposition, source transformation and…

3-) AC power analysis: In this unit, the student knows how to measure AC power in AC circuits, which is a different process from the usual DC method. The topics are as follows; instantaneous and average power, maximum average power transfer, effective value or RMS, apparent power and power factor, etc. 4-) Three-phase circuits: In this unit, the student learns how 3-phase circuits work and Why are they more efficient than a single phase circuit? The topics are as follows; Balanced three-phase circuits, balanced Y-Y connection, balanced Y-D connection, balanced D-D connection, balanced D-Y connection and… 5-) Magnetic coupled circuits: In this unit, students will learn that a circuit is not only conductively coupled but it is also magnetically coupled. The key element in magnetic circuits is the “lead”. The topics of this chapter are as follows; mutual inductance, energy in a coupled circuit, linear transformers, ideal transformers, etc. 6-) frequency response: in this unit, the student will understand; Time is not the only variable in our circuits. Frequency plays a vital role in circuit analysis and will be very useful for the rest of the journey. The topics are as follows; Transfer function, decibel scale, plot, series resonance, etc.

What you will learn in AC (Alternating Current) Circuit Analysis

  • This course shows how to analyze circuits involving alternating current sources, resistors, capacitors, inductors.
  • This course is also an excellent pathway for those planning a career in electrical engineering or any engineering related to circuits.
  • This course also teaches you some basic mathematical knowledge of complex numbers, which is necessary in AC circuits to evaluate circuits.
  • This course provides all the information you need before moving on to the next step, which is advanced circuit analysis in our curriculum.
  • Most people think “why study circuit analysis when sophisticated software tools can do it for me?”. Because you have to learn to walk before riding a bike.
  • And…

This course is suitable for people who

  • This course is a great way to go into a career in electrical engineering after DC analysis.
  • For those considering a career in electrical engineering or any related field.
  • For those who want to study in courses like; 1-) Electronics 2-) Digital System Design 3-) Microprocessors 4-) Signals and Systems 5-) Analog and Digital Communications 6-) Control Theory

Course details

Publisher: Udemy

Instructor: Afterclap Academy

English language

Education level: introductory

Number of courses: 184

Training duration: 24 hours and 59 minutes

Headlines of the course on 2022-8

AC (Alternating Current) Circuit Analysis


Basic Math Knowledge (Calculus but you do not have to be an expert)

Basic Circuit Knowledge (It will be easier for you to understand all the topics if you have a solid background on Circuit Analysis before. However, If you do not, you can still register to this course. Do not worry, we will cover them.)


AC (Alternating Current) Circuit Analysis

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