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Udacity – Become a Robotics Software Engineer v1.0.0 2018-12

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Become a Robotics Software Engineer is a comprehensive training course for robotic engineers and intelligent robot programmers published by Udacity Academy. In this training course, you will get acquainted with skills such as developing robot operating systems, robot simulation with Gazebo, localization and positioning of robots, robot self-discovery, motion planning, etc., and you will specialize in each of these skills. Found. Robot programming is one of the most sought after jobs in the modern world today and the annual income of these programmers reaches more than 103 thousand dollars. This training course uses a completely practical and system-oriented approach in order to acquaint users with the world of robotics. As a beginner you will start with the ROS framework and the C ++ programming language.

Much of your work as a robotic programmer is developing algorithms and software systems that help the robot with positioning, mapping, scheduling, and navigation. Gazebo is a highly professional and well-equipped simulation environment used by various companies around the world to simulate various projects. ROS is an integrated yet flexible framework that can help engineers develop robots in a modular way. There are several algorithms for intelligent route planning and guidance of robots. With the help of this algorithm you will be able to simulate a home assistant robot. This robot is able to move between different rooms of the house and move different objects from one room to another.

What you will learn in Become a Robotics Software Engineer

  • Complete familiarity with the various components of a robot
  • Work with robot operating system or ROS
  • Working with the Gazebo simulation engine to create a simulated environment for testing robot performance
  • Localization and positioning of the robot relative to the defined environment
  • Mapping and the ability to identify the environment
  • Path Planning
  • Guide the robot
  • C ++ programming language
  • Development of various algorithms to control robot processes

Course specifications

Publisher: Udacity
Instructors: Sebastian Thrun, David Silver, Karim Chamaa and Julia Chernushevich
Language: English
Level: Advanced
Number of Lessons: 964
Duration: 19 hours and 50 minutes

Course topics

Part 01 : Term 1: ROS Essentials, Perception, and Control

Module 01: Introduction to Robotics

Module 02: ROS Essentials

Module 03: GitHub Lesson

Module 04: Udacity Explores – Biologically Inspired Robots

Module 05: Kinematics

Module 06: Udacity Explores – HRI / Robot Ethics

Module 07: Perception

Module 08: Udacity Explores – Soft Robotics

Module 09: Udacity Explores – Robot Grasping

Module 10: Controls

Module 11: Udacity Explores – Swarm Robotics

Module 12: Deep Learning

Module 13: Introduction to C++ for Robotics

Part 02 : Term 2: Localization, Mapping, and Navigation

Module 01: Introduction to Term 2

Module 02: Robotic Systems Deployment

Module 03: Localization

Module 04: Mapping and SLAM

Module 05: Reinforcement Learning for Robotics

Module 06: Path Planning and Navigation

Module 07: Career Services

Module 08: Completing the Program

Part 03 (Elective): Optional Kuka Path Planning Project

Module 01: Optional Kuka Path Planning Project

Become a Robotics Software Engineer Prerequisites

To optimize your chances of success in the Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree program, we’ve created a list of prerequisites and recommendations to help prepare you for the program curriculum. You should have the following knowledge:

Advanced knowledge in any object-oriented programming language, preferably C++

Intermediate Probability

Intermediate Calculus

Intermediate Linear Algebra

Basic Linux Command Lines

For aspiring roboticists who currently have a limited background in programming or math, we’ve created the Intro to Self-Driving Cars Nanodegree program to help you prepare. This program teaches C++, linear algebra, calculus, and statistics.


Become a Robotics Software Engineer

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