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uBlock Origin for Chrome 1.38.6 / 1.38.7 Beta 6 (GPLv3)

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Improve your browsing experience by blocking off annoying ads with the help of this sleek and performance-orientated Google Chrome extension

What's new in uBlock Origin for Chrome 1.38.7 Beta 6:

New: A new Support pane has been added to the dashboard, to make it easy for users to share technical information about their current uBO's configuration, and consequently make it easier for volunteers to diagnose reported issues. Closed as fixed: [patch by @eligrey] Don't assume document.documentElement is non-null

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While we agree that not all Internet ads are "evil," if given the chance, most of us would surely be better off without them. It's no wonder, especially since most ads actually slow down the website loading process, not to mention that they make the layout of various webpages feel uninviting due to tons of clutter.

To the rescue comes uBlock Origin, a highly customizable and powerful Chrome extension (also available for Firefox and Opera) that takes its mission to block third party ads, trackers and other possibly malware-related content extremely seriously.

Enforced by some of the most powerful ad-blocking filters

It's backed up by a couple of very powerful filters, such as EasyList, Peter Lowe's Ad server list, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domains list. Better yet, you can add custom, third party filter by quickly visiting the designated section from the Settings page.

While this might sound appealing to advanced users or ubergeeks, if you're a mainstream user, then you surely do not care too much about such under-the-hood wizardry. However, as a mundane user, what you might care about is related to aspects such as ease of use, performance, and resource consumption.

Strikes a sublime balance between user accessibility, performance and resource consumption

As it happens, uBlock Origin ticks all of the boxes with valiance. For starters, it is capable of running right out-of-the-box, without you even having to restart Chrome after its installation. Turning off its filtering capabilities for a particular website is as effortless as clicking the blue button from the drop-down UI. There's also a very useful "Element Picker" that, as you may have guessed, allows you to create custom filters with the help of the mouse.

Regarding performance, most of the time, uBlock Origin should help your browser load pages a bit faster, especially the ad-riddled ones. Worst case scenario, they will load just as fast as before. Another highlight is, of course, the extension's restrained hunger for system resources. That's actually a very good thing, especially since not all browsers of late are on CPU or RAM diets.

Uncompromising and extremely powerful ad blocker for the masses

By now, it becomes quite clear that uBlock Origin is a very useful and, dare we say it, a must-have browser extension. It can be installed with a single mouse click on your Chrome browser, and it is perfectly capable of taking care of pesky ads without intervention.

Even though it's extremely novice-accessible, it will, by no means, leave the advanced users wanting more, as a quick stroll down the Settings, 3rd-party filters, My filters, My rules, and Whitelist sections will be enough to convince.

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