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uBlacklist for Chrome 6.9.0 (MIT License)

8 months ago 28

Add websites to the blacklist and avoid having them show in the Google Search result queries when looking up terms online in Chrome

What's new in uBlacklist for Chrome 6.9.0:

Bug Fixes: ecosia: add support for the old version of SERP (for Firefox?) (357708b) firefox: avoid deactivation on adding SERP URLs (16ee8d3) popup: request permission for current match pattern only (58fb1c1)

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uBlacklist for Chrome is the extension to go to if you want to block certain sites from appearing in Google Search results. While it doesn't bring other functionality, provided you're desperately trying to get rid of websites from your search results, this add-on can handle this task, no problem. There are plenty of ways to achieve this particular task while using uBlacklist.

More ways to do the same thing

The first and easiest way to go about blocking websites from your Google Search results is to click on the Block this site note situated next to the website address in the search list. Doing this will prompt the extension to ask you for confirmation. Once confirmed, it will be added to a blacklist. Check blocked websites in the extension options menu. Add to, remove from, or export the list of websites. This is a matter of minutes, even seconds.

Blocking websites on the go

If you're looking to block a website as you're sifting through its contents, fear not. Once you push the extension icon, situated in the top-right corner, you'll be prompted to decide on whether to block or not that specific website. This means that you get to add websites to the blacklist while actually being on that website. As a result, you'll be able to filter website content more thoroughly, thus no issues or confusion between similarly-named websites.

The bottom line with this extension is that it won't be of use to all users out there. Still, for those who desire to eliminate useless content from Google Search queries, this extension manages to offer that exact functionality while not really taking too much space or being complicated about the process. As a result, the add-on conveys some sort of attractive simplicity through its functionality.

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