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Twixtor 7.5.1 (Demo)

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A powerful plugin that allows you to change the frame rate from a video clip, offering you the possibility to obtain stunning visuals

What's new in Twixtor 7.5.1:

Twixtor Pro OFX version now shows up in Fusion page of Resolve (even free version of Resolve)

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If you are familiarized with the functions Adobe After Effects, SONY Vegas Pro or Avid Media Composer, you surely know that they can help come up with elaborate projects due to the numerous visual effects and flexible designs they feature.

The functionality of these program can be enhanced even more due to compatible addons such as Twixtor, a dedicated plugin that integrates seamlessly within various host software solutions.

Twixtor comes in handy when you want to add slow-motion or acceleration effects to your videos, according to the configuration you create.

The advantage of using this plugin over similar ones is the increased accuracy of Twixtor which allows it to track objects farther than other tools while also exhibiting fewer artifacts if there are objects that intersect with the current frame.

Due to this high level of accuracy, objects are not as much torn or stretched as they appear or move out of the scene.

No matter the action you want to achieve, be it slowing down or speeding up image sequences, Twixtor manages to preserve the quality of the original graphic files as it creates the new frames after interpolating frames of the initial stream while tracking the motion for each single pixel.

It needs to be mentioned that Twixtor comes with a price and that you need to purchase a license if you want to continue using its features. The plugin is compatible with several types of hosts, so you simply need to integrate it within the one you typically use for your projects: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere ProMedia ComposerSoftimageSONY Vegas Pro or Movie Studio.

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