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Tsuki’s Odyssey

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December 23, 2021 (6 mins ago)
Tsuki’s Odyssey
Unlimited Carrots
Android 5.1

Tsuki’s Odyssey is a very peaceful game from HyperBeard, an Indie game studio in Mexico. Not a blockbuster, nor a game with shocking elements, Tsuki’s Odyssey MOD APK is like a small green prairie that everyone wants to find.

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Introduce about Tsuki’s Odyssey

The game of super peaceful moments!


Tsuki’s Odyssey opens an adventure of the freedom-loving bunny Tsuki. With its passion, Tsuki can go anywhere and do whatever it likes. This time, it comes to a forest with a fresh and peaceful scene. In it, there is a beautiful village called Mushroom village with inhabitants who are very lovely animals. Here, Tsuki finds its joy. The baby rabbit begins to move freely, explore everywhere, meet neighbors, build a beautiful house for itself, earn money by fishing, growing carrots and cabbage, like a real person.

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The story in Tsuki’s Odyssey takes place very gently. Everything here seems leisurely and comfortable. But a game is still a game. You will still have a lot of challenging phases. Initially, you will have a treehouse. The house is empty. You will have to find a way to earn money slowly to buy enough necessary furniture. Then arrange them in the most artistic way to create the ideal nest for you.

To make money, you have to grow crops, fish, and do something according to the help of the people in the Mushroom Village. Then exchange the obtained items for money. New money is used to buy things you need.

In the process, Tsuki also needs to constantly monitor and interact with the outside world. Mushroom Village is full of interesting people, each of whom is a lovely little piece of this peaceful adventure story. By chatting, interacting, trading with the people here, you will learn more information about other sources of items, how to earn more money, and also bond with people.

When you decide to grow something to make money, then you will be granted land. Then you must choose seedlings, sow seeds, fertilize and water them every day. Try hard to harvest and quickly earn money to build a house. The money here is calculated in carrot, guys.

Hard work is sometimes not enough. You must get another source of income by fishing. This activity is very relaxing.

Taking advantage of the river flowing around the village, you carry a fishing rod to catch many different types of fish, then exchange them for money and buy more home decorations. There are 3 places where you can go fishing in Mushroom village: the fishing ground near Moca’s turtle house, Uncle Dawn’s fishing ground, and Rosemary’s fishing ground. At first, just hang around the fishing grounds of Moca’s house, and the rest of the places will slowly open up for you to make the most of your earning potential.

The pet is super cute

The highlight in this game is obviously the character Tsuki. As a freedom-loving rabbit, you can choose to transform into any animal you like, right from the start. Choose your favorite animal character and accompany it on every path. Remember your final goal is: Explore the Mushroom village and complete the treehouse.

Tsukis Odyssey for Android 1440x810

However, Tsuki is very playful and loves to travel everywhere. After a trip, it discovered that its ideal treehouse had been cleaned up and had no items left. Playing the game, in addition to making money to rebuild the house, you also work with Tsuki to find the thief who turned its life upside down (even a little). By interacting with the villagers through small stories and listening to the details that are secretly added, you will find the thief. In fact, stealing is just an excuse for Tsuki’s Odyssey to start.

Pet care is so easy

You won’t be too hard working to take care of your pet. Because this is not a traditional pet raising style. You just pick everything and then draw a line for Tsuki to work on. This little pet can entertain itself all day and does everything according to your schedule. Of course, you will need a variety of interactions to push things faster, but basically, Tsuki is not a pet that requires meticulous daily care.

Tsuki’s Odyssey is not only a game but also a small learning corner for children aged 13 and up. Letting children in the house play this game is also a way for them to learn how to arrange furniture in the house more neatly, experience small farming jobs and prepare to make all plans come true.

The visual is too cute

It is a bold cartoon, retro with gentle pastel colors. Covering Tsuki’s Odyssey is beautiful landscapes, green meadows, cool rivers, and light hills. Just looking at the colors and the whole scene, I feel so relaxed.

Then when you meet each interesting resident here in turn, the excitement will increase many times over. The inhabitants of Mushroom village are a small orange fox, a mischievous ferret, a slow tortoise that is cute in its own way, or a chubby bear cub, or a cute giraffe… they are just tiny animals that appear on the vertical screen of the game, but each one is too cute. They move gently, speak softly, and look gently like teddy bears in real life.

The sound is gentle, romantic, mostly just small highlights in the game with no climax, which is suitable for the relaxing entertainment style that the game is trying to create.

Tsukis Odyssey MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

Mushroom Village is the most cared-for scene. In the village, there are many areas for Tsuki to explore. Ramen truck, tea shop, bar, furniture store, seed store… There Tsuki will meet easy-going animal residents. They will chat, share information. Listen to instructions from these new friends to make home renovations faster. These NPC characters appear randomly in different places you go at different times. Whenever Tsuki moves anywhere, the map and current location will be displayed on the phone that Tsuki always brings. All activities in the game also take place in real-time so that players can immerse themselves in the scene and time of day activities.

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