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Trimble Inpho Photogrammetry v12.1.1 x64

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Trimble Inpho Photogrammetry v12.1.1 x64

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Trimble Inpho Photogrammetry is one of the most advanced and advanced software in the field of digital imaging (Digital Photogrammetry) which is developed by Trimble software company. The company has been operating in the field of imaging and making maps and aerial images for more than 30 years and its software is used as one of the comprehensive and complete standards in the mapping and imaging industry. Photogrammetry is a type of art and knowledge that is used to extract environmental information from aerial photographs, interpret aerial and vertical images, and measure the geometric coordinates of various objects. This software uses the latest imaging techniques and technologies and remote sensing methods to create the best possible result for engineers and surveyors.

The data created by this software is completely accurate and reliable and can be used in the production and development of cloud points, surface models, orthophotos, three-dimensional and two-dimensional maps, land use maps, etc.. This software can be used as a powerful software supplement along with other imaging tools and hardware and binoculars available. The quality of the images and final projects is guaranteed radiometrically and geometrically. It is possible to easily scan analog images and convert them to digital images.

Trimble Inpho Photogrammetry Features:

  • Provide various software modules for sensitive and specialized projects
  • Automatic aerial triangulation
  • Automatic and fast adjustment of all cameras
  • Compatibility with various cameras and hardware from Trimble, Leica, Vexcel, IGI, Phase One, etc.
  • Construction of homogeneous and accurate orthomosaics
  • Arrange and integrate thousands of orthophotos received from different sources and build an integrated orthomosaic
  • Accurate urban mapping
  • Automatic and fast construction of digital terrain toll (dtm) models by combining aerial and satellite images
  • Ability to receive information from ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Global Mapper and Microstation software

Required System for Trimble Inpho Photogrammetry


Multicore PC workstation (1 license supports up to 24 cores)

Minimum 32 GB RAM, recommended 64 GB RAM

High-capacity disk system (SSD preferred)

NVIDIA graphics board to use GPU processing

Windows 10 / 64 bit

Special hardware for state of the art stereoscopic point measurement:

  • – stereo-capable graphics card supporting OpenGL quad-buffered stereo (recommended NVIDIA Quadro graphics boards)
  • – stereo viewing system (e.g. PluraView)
  • – optional color anaglyphs available for standard non-3D capable monitors and/ or non-3D capable graphic cards
  • – support for professional 3D hardware such as 3D cursors

Support of 4K monitors


Open for any UAS hardware, multi-copter, fixed-wing or hand-held frame camera or fixed wing

Supporting large size images (up to 102 MPixel)

Close range 3D projects up to a project size of 300 GPixel


Supported image formats:

  • – Georeferenced orthos: GeoTIFF, TiffWorld (tfw)
  • – Tiff, JPG, BigTiff (optional EXIF)

Supported point-cloud / morphology formats:

  • – LAS(1.2-1.4), LasZIP, XYZ, BXYZ, WNP, SHP, DXF

For information on the required system and other hardware and software prerequisites of various modules, refer to this link.


Trimble Inpho Photogrammetry Screenshot

Installation Guide of Trimble Inpho Photogrammetry

Follow the instructions in Readme.txt file.

Download Link

Trimble Inpho Photogrammetry v12.1.1 x64

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