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Trim: IMDB Ratings on Netflix 6.19 (Freeware)

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Save yourself a bit of hassle when it comes to choosing your next Netflix show with the help of this extension that automatically displays the IMDb and Rotten Rotten Tomatoes ratings

We all know Netflix, the streaming service that has made its way not only in our lives but is also very much an integral part of our generation’s meme and general culture. Netflix’s proposition is quite a compelling one: lots of shows, lots of movies, high-quality streaming, everything readily available with minimal effort on the viewer’s part.

Even though Netflix has its own internal rating system (and we’re not going to go into detail about that), there’s a big chance you rely on other review-aggregation platforms to help you decide which is going to be your next show. At the moment there are various good platforms of the sort, but arguably, none of them are better or more popular than IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

And, that’s exactly why you might find Trim, a nifty little Chrome extension, to be quite interesting. In just a few words, Trim brings the general IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings directly on Netflix’s GUI.

Brings IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings on Netflix

Once installed from the Chrome Web Store, it automatically ads both the platform’s ratings to most of Netflix’s shows preview thumbnails. We say “most of,” because the extension fades out what it considers to be “low-rated” shows (all shows rated with under 7 stars on IMDb).

This helps you get a better view of what shows are worthy of your attention or not at a simple glance, considering, of course, you’re the type of viewer that really holds the ratings of the said platforms in high regard.

Helps you decide what will be your next Netflix show

To conclude, Trim is a minimalist Google Chrome extension that has the potential of slightly improving the overall experience on Netflix. It brings IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings directly on Netflix’s preview page, so you don’t have to manually look up the shows that you deem worthy of your attention.

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