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Trend Micro Check 10.0.1002 (Freeware)

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Due to this Google Chrome extension, you can enhance your browsing experience and protect you from any web threat or misinformation

When browsing the web, you are bound to come across numerous types of information, and while some of them are real and genuine, others might be fake or intentionally misleading.

Trend Micro Check is a Google Chrome extension that is meant to help you identify which site should be trusted and which one shouldn't.

Integrates within Chrome

It needs to be mentioned right from the start that this extension requires several permissions to be enabled, otherwise it cannot accurately assess the state of the websites you are visiting.

Once this step has been completed, you can pin Trend Micro Check to the toolbar and have it within reach at all times.

Check news trustworthiness from the browser

Basically, you only need to visit your preferred news site, then right-click a certain paragraph that you are not convinced is true.

The extension analyzes the content and displays similar stories on other websites so you can compare them and decide if they should be trusted.

Assess the credibility of a website

Furthermore, Trend Micro Check examines the current website and grants it a rating according to how trustworthy it is.

There are several criteria that are taken into account, such as how often they publish fake content, if they clearly label advertising, if they avoid deceptive headlines or if regularly correct or clarify errors.

Additionally, Trend Micro Check also analyzes if the current website handles the difference between opinion and news responsibly.

To sum things up

All in all, this Google Chrome extension can help you avoid misinformation, as well as scams and fraud by informing you when you are about to access a malicious or a known phishing site. When dealing with a news article, it can help you check facts to make sure of their accuracy.

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