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Updated on April 11, 2022

Total War: MEDIEVAL II APK is a medieval strategy game that perfectly blends massive real-time battles and intricate turn-based strategy, along with classic map strategy tricks. All aspects are covered in this unique game.

Introduce about Total War: MEDIEVAL II

Rule your empire from the shores of Western Europe to the sands of Arabia!

Total War: MEDIEVAL II is probably the most epic and comprehensive war strategy game on mobile today. The future may have more excellent titles but at least, for now, this is one of the rare strategy games that does the best in both its layout and real-time battles.


Total War: MEDIEVAL II takes place in the context of three great continents at constant war throughout the Middle Ages. The goal, of course, is to compete for land, territory, and power. You will have to go through lots of tension, complexity, and intrigue throughout the long war. Be it through diplomacy or conquest, trade or conquest, you must secure the resources and loyalty needed to rule an empire from the shores of Western Europe to the sands of Arabia.

Special of Total War: MEDIEVAL II, the scale war takes place on every battlefield. You have power struggles through violent warfare, but also swordless battles through diplomacy, calculated marriage, and many other subtle political maneuvers. You will witness all those spectacular things in this game.

Special things and game modes

In Total War: MEDIEVAL II, there’re about 17 factions and hundreds of diverse armies. To know and understand all about these armies and factions, you have to spend more time than in other strategy games. This means that playing Total War: MEDIEVAL II will be more difficult than the games you’ve ever known. To win, you must both memorize the characteristics of the army, allocate forces appropriately, and apply many strategic war moves to slowly gain an advantage.

Total War: MEDIEVAL II offers many modes for players to test their strategy on all fronts: 1v1 arena, Guild Alliance, one-handed combat…

Recreate in real-time the great battles of historical stature

Often war strategy games just stop at the level of the map or simple situations from above. But Total War: MEDIEVAL II is a completely different case. You have both planned and strategized, as well as being the one to directly lead the army to battle and fight directly with the multi-perspective battle context.

All major wars in Total War: MEDIEVAL II are historically real. This is also one of the big attractions of the game. You have the opportunity to show your strategic talent and admire the battles that have gone down in history in which you are an important part.

You can take command, with an all-new user interface and enhanced touch controls to control the battlefield at your fingertips or play with any Android-compatible mouse and keyboard. Directly go to the battlefield to control the general after having issued an important strategy on the map and in theory. The landslide battles taking place in real-time will be the time for you to admire the majestic beauty of this game.

Complex but engaging turn-based strategy

The art of war sometimes lies not on the battlefield, but in the position drawn up in the head of the ruler. Total War: MEDIEVAL II will be a place for you to deploy infantry, archers, and cavalry in massive real-time battles, full of medieval weapons. All are insistently obeying your command, management, and control. Holding such a massive force, you must have the right moves from the details to the big event to reduce the loss of soldiers and generals and achieve the fastest victory.

When playing Total War: MEDIEVAL II, you will have the motivation to show all your strategic talents. Not only is the formation of the formation, but everything needs to be considered more comprehensively: which branch of troops moves from where which group of enemies can be covered, what may be the outcome, where will additionally troops if needed come from, is a group of troops enough or has to combine many types of troops on the same battlefield… All those questions, the player has to solve according to the actual situation of the battle.

Swordless War

In addition to strategy, war, and countless clashes, you also need sophisticated use of tactics, sophisticated diplomacy, lucrative commercial deals, calculated contract marriages, and other policy of economic coercion to the detriment of surrounding opponents… Total War: MEDIEVAL II is where you can do all those crazy things, just to get the ultimate benefit for your empire.

Download Total War: MEDIEVAL II APK free for Android

Total War: MEDIEVAL II has all the things needed about a war strategy game: strategy, war action, diplomacy full of tactics… Never before has a medieval battlefield opened up on a big scale in all aspects like this. If you like war strategy games, don’t miss Total War: MEDIEVAL II.

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